I dreamed I baked cookies in my Burda 6974

Good morning everyone and welcome to another day in the kitchen of the Pie-and-Leer Woman!


You know nothing quite warms my dainty heart like whipping up vittles for my extremely virile and all-American husband Lard! Today he’s out in the corral castrating the livestock and working up a manly appetite! So I’m in the kitchen as God intended making him a little snack! 2

Lard works so hard and he likes me pretty, so I always bake in a fresh new outfit with grease defying cleavage!

1 Today I’m wearing Burda 6974 and it it’s in a sassy knit geometric print so I can run out to the paddock and wrestle a calf if necessary, without getting any noticeable blood on me! The gathered front neckline has a draped center and reminds me of Darlin’ Lard when he tucks his bib into his flannel and tears into some ribs! 8

I got the fabric shipped from Fabricmart cuz it wouldn’t do for me to be out of the kitchen for too long- my menfolk need constant nurturing and hearty proteins!7

This shape is a favorite of mine and I cut it as a dress originally- but decided it looked too much like another dress I had- so I tunic’d it. See, Lard isn’t the only one willing to cut things off! 4

photo credits- pattern review, little me,

35 thoughts on “I dreamed I baked cookies in my Burda 6974

  1. Katrina B says:

    Ah yes, wisdom handed down from pioneer women through the ages: sew up your frocks in a blood-concealing print. I love this top. Is the front all one piece on this pattern or is the draped part separate?


  2. I am inspired as always – especially as we have the same mixer – feeling all homey now and may whip up one of those special 1950s holiday aprons so beloved – now just to figure how to get my 1950s wasp waist back….


  3. I think I need to come visit you and learn some real man-pleasing recipes and how the best way to pose in the kitchen to get some attention aka lovin’! That top is so flattering!!! We all could use one of those for whipping up vittles!!!!


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