Wearable Wednesday Reem Acra

Erin tried hard to include Phillips cat in their wedding- but in hindsight, she really would have been safer carrying a bouquet.

Amber- you’ve left us no time to buy gifts- we will only be in Target a moment!just tell the driver to wait!

A Christmas wedding complete with popcorn garland details for the bride!

‘No, no Ronald. I’m not disappointed about getting a toaster- NOT an engagement ring. I’d never given it any thought!’Gaw- Wanda, you are so over the top- my mothers church does not have a moth problem!?Just exchanging cookies at CiCis pizza? I have just the thing….

Serving dinner at the homeless shelter- don’t they deserve me at my best?

Don’t sulk Enid- of course we found your ‘I am the gift’ joke hilarious….again.

Photo credits: Vogue.com

15 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Reem Acra

  1. This collection (especially the four pastel-colored bridesmaids lined up in a row) puts me in mind of Lady Holiday’s collection in The Great Muppet Caper. Were I a little girl in the Eighties again, this would be part of my dream closet.


  2. I follow a blog by a wedding dress alteration person. Brides are always getting dresses like the popcorn one 6 sizes too small and then wanting it altered. Hilarity ensues. She is a wedding dress wizard though.


  3. peggy says:

    The last one might be kind of luscious. One appears to be nude through the lace. The bride would
    definitely have everyone’s attention. Aren’t weddings suppose to be a sacred ceremony? Some have
    a hint of the traditional styles. I say there is potential there. Fabrics might be very lovely.


    • Yeah, remember the scene in The Wedding Singer about the level of ‘church tongue’ was appropriate at the altar? I’m thinking the new discussion is in regards to ‘church nipple’


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