Wearable Wednesday Mint Designs

Look- there’s like barely anybody working today- we can do anything!!

Enid- lets give each other perms in the break room!!

Is there any of that cheeseball left in there?Don’t eat the cheeseball. Wait- have you been here since the Christmas party??Are you drinking that? This early??Who’s here? A staff meeting now? we’d better wake Alice. Or maybe not. Photo credits: Vogue.com

21 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Mint Designs

  1. Can I criticise? I’ve just exercised the dog wearing pjs, a dressing gown and an 80s coat oversize with huge shoulder pads, closed with the dog lead worn as a belt, accessorised with fur lined suede ankle boots. In better weather you could see me outside with the ball chucker and one of theses floaty nightie jobs.


  2. Poor Enid, second model, with her foil headpiece and natty brown shift, it reminds me of opening a Jiffy Pop popcorn package to find lots of unpopped kernel duds at the bottom of the pan.


  3. These don’t look like real clothes. It’s like unfortunate kids got into the attic where they store furnishings and holiday decorations and recycling and came out all covered with bits of them–no wonder they never smile.


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