Wearable Wednesday Moschino

I think they are whipping out these superhero movies WAY too fast!

At least they gave her a sassy sidekick….Once more Snape was overlooked for the dark arts professorship….insert your own Knocker joke here:Wanda was ready for the annual shoot- she didn’t just study the pheasants- she was the pheasant!Erica’s professional arrival was undercut by her forgetting to remove her bike helmet. Lisa- just wear the sweater Nana made you- you’re going to make her cry and leave you out of the will!what’s on her- is she wearing a- nevermind. Don’t tell me. Then this happened:

Chastity belts return for Fall 2019- not a moment too soon, eh Kris Jenner….Judge Judy Singeapore premieres this fall! Check local listings.

Is that granny square wig fencing?

Oh- my ride is here!

Photo credits: Vogue.com

25 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Moschino

  1. Okay, at first I liked the wigs and I did like some of the draping and even some of the fabrics…then it all kind of fell apart and you’re kind of like, “You know, maybe this Thanos guy is on to something…”


  2. I…..I……I LOVE IT. I truly, madly, deeply love it. So many designers seem to think that over the top is just vomiting attributes without a plan but this is why some designers are fashion royaltyβ€”the art, the politics, the commentary on culture. Delish!!

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  3. Emily says:

    I think you’re on to something with this being a super hero movie. With a comedic ending. Too bad there aren’t multiple shots of some of these from other angles etc. so you could do your story-line magic with them…


  4. I loved the first half, since it mostly seemed stolen from Galliano-Dior era, and then I know what you mean about ‘this happened’–it stunk for most afterwards. The first bunch is great for drag though–


  5. and there was silly me thinking if you are thin you can wear anything (having said that the embroidered tweed coat is gorgeous…love the copper thread – will pass on the crinoline tho)


  6. Jehanne Hansen says:

    If ever I wished that I could un-see something, this would be one of those things! All of it!
    I think I am going to have bad dreams tonight!


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