Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

Full disclosure- I love Stella Jean- the prints, the shapes. Me-ow!Tho I totally see Jared Leto in this one.I hope this is 1 piece- it’d make people crazy trying to keep the stripes matched.I’m getting an emo Paddingtom kind of feeling here-Yes please. As a sloped shouldered gal- I feel Enid’s pain here. Oh no- I just- no Stella, this is too Dr Denton!Ok- phew, we’re back on track. Crap- spoke too soon.No ones waist should ever be here. It’s just wrong. Gees, why do I find this so cute? It’s like Dude Ranch Hailey Mills!?This is Chanel rebellion in its best form!Welcome To Cactus Rapture- May I show you to a fitting room?I’m about to propose to this blouse and cheat on it with this skirt. Air Houston first class is indeed classy!This is very Queen LetiziaPhoto credits- vogue.com

20 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

  1. Emily Kitsch says:

    Though I couldn’t pull most if any if these outfits off, there is something massively appealing about them – the colours, the prints, everything about the Hayley Mills dude ranch dress, which I’m unashamed to admit I’d sell my soul for – I’m becoming a little obsessed!


  2. Katrina says:

    I was going to say I’ll wear anything Jared Leto’s wearing, but then I got to that last dress. The colors! The tartan! The glittery palm trees! When I wake up from my swoon, I’m going to the Vogue closeup detail page to see how that it is applied. Is it embroidery?


  3. kssews says:

    There’s not much for me to snark on! I mean, there is, but there’s lots to like!!! :-p I love the details on that “Emo Paddington” coat! All that hardware!!


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