Wearable Wednesday Paul & Joe

Come on Mr Furley- let’s hit the Regal Beagle!

Yay Chrissy! 3’s Company Reunion!Is she getting her rocks off? I’m sorry- that was poor.

Can we stop trying to make Archie Bunkers jacket a statement??Did they just throw clothing at the model?And then shoes?Is this the suit from Porter Waggoners 1974 lost luggage?I also am guilty of doing anything to wear my summer frocks before the temperature is appropriate….Oh, the things I’d do for this Mui Mui knockoff bathmat coat….Photo credits: Vogue.com

38 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Paul & Joe

  1. Not brilliant, but little of it offends my eye. The bathmat coat does, I must admit. I’m horribly drawn to the tin foil suit…and I’m gladdened by the fact that the model doesn’t look suicidal or murderous.


  2. peggy says:

    Erin got it right: thrift store. Also, one comment about the “smile”, I believe the reason the models
    are usually somber is that smiles distract from the clothing. No designer wants that, however,
    Maybe they should. Someone has to look like they like this stuff.


  3. Jayne Cobb says:

    It all seems to be flirting with wearable once tailored a bit. And those shoes are amazing, if only they could find the matches. The happy model is certainly a delight!

    All of it taken together is somehow joyful. Makes me smile.

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  4. You’re sure this isn’t this kid’s high school blog of crap found in the attic of an aunt who’s about 55 years old now…? All of this stuff is free, right, since no one is going to pay a couple of thousand bucks for any of it, including things made of old bathmats and tacky curtains? It looks naively silly, but not something to take seriously–it’s like this generation’s Molly Ringwold character dressing herself out of poverty and trying hard to be quirky.


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