Wearable Wednesday Audra

I know that look- it’s the self-satisfied look of a person who’s darts lined up perfectly.

Somewhere- an old mans luggage is missing its lining.

‘Oh Abe- when you where nothing but that stovepipe hat, my loins burn like a Kentucky brush fire….. help me remove my homespun shift!’ excerpt from the recently closed off-broadway musical- Abe&Mary- his Hot Toddy’

These pants are very melty looking. So Mr Furley. I think somewhere in Malibu George Takei is wearing this.Psst- I think your gratuitous neck scarf is stuck in the door…. This jacket has some interesting details- but it looks very confining. Enid! Stop tearing off the wallpaper and eating it! Photo credits: Vogue.com

32 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Audra

  1. peggy says:

    I actually love the Abe&Mary plaid dress! I would wear it, definitely! However, the wallpaper…maybe
    I should have my look-alike removed now that I see it’s twin in another setting. And I was so o o
    proud of it, too. On second thought, my wallpaper is much prettier and newer. I’ll keep it.


  2. VERY 1970s, and as for the socks with heels horror, do any of you remember ‘Rock Follies’? I not only tried to wear socks with my platforms, they were bloody toe socks lol. I actually like 99% of this lot, colours, shapes, fabrics. Ah, memories…


  3. Pat Madras says:

    Don’t you wonder how many critters came out during this photo shoot? I mean, didn’t the poor model think she was going to some horror house?


  4. ann hansen says:

    I endorse and love the wearing of socks with any and all shoes and “shoe-ish” types of things! I think that a much nicer sock could have been chosen, however.
    The plaid dress is quite pretty, soft and feminine with nice fitting darts that create such patterns of motion and shape with the plaid print. And, that pretty scoop neckline is very nice. It harkens back to a day when fashion and style used many more types of sleeves. It is hardly to be looked upon with such disfavor in light of the current fashion of cut away shoulders or those huge wing-like sleeves that act as giant scoops on your arms. I would welcome the return of puffed and gathered and shaped sleeves. This particular one seems to echo something quite Victorian, but there are many other configurations.
    The rest of the collection looks to be quite wearable with the exception of the last dress. It looks to be about as much problem to wear as is a wedding dress with a train. You almost need a personal attendent to keep your dress from rendering you incapacitated—-as if you were royality. It demands all of the attention and the wearer becomes nothing more than a living support for the dress, making the dress to be a little like a parasite that is living off of its host.

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