Wearable Wednesday Marchessa Notte

Introverts at parties: Be the lampshade. Be the lampshade. I’m sure Georgina designed this because she needed a good grocery and errand outfit. How come we both can’t have a fan?

Hush Penny- I’m in Tahiti right now. Eleanor always wintered in Nantucket where she spent a month having her barnacles scraped. Oh I saw a mouse- and I looked fabulous. I started quilling- did I tell you? That seems like a random comment, doesn’t it….

Louise didn’t need anyone to put her on a pedestal- she brought her own. Harold was so clumsy that Alice started scotch guarding all her frocks. The other PTA moms were prettysure that the newly divorced Hall sisters were on the prowl for the new volleyball coach.

Photo credits: Vogue.com

21 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Marchessa Notte

  1. Haha haha. 😊 Good commentary to read today for the bus ride into work. These frocks are all so beautiful! Except yes the first one does deceive with those lampshade fringes. … 😀


  2. Suzie says:

    Beautiful dresses, well fitting gowns, and great fabrics. All in all, very wearable. (Except the Lampshade dress. Even that one was well thought out and designed. Fabric was wonderful, fringe, not so much😳)


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