Wearable Wednesday Mui Mui

Camouflage can get bizarrely specific- urban, real tree, hiding in Elvis’s den….

Some Granny’s loo roll is suspiciously naked right now…..Once you see Batman- it’s all you see.

Enid? Are you wearing your sisters Jansport??I’d hoped to never see knickers again- but I’m not that lucky. ‘I swear Mom- I’m going straight to the library! Why don’t you trust me???’Duffel cape? I think I love you. Photo credits: vogue.com

19 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Mui Mui

  1. Camo is SO NOT my thing but I’m kinda loving the next to the last cape and that bright floral fabric. Just the fabric itself, not the weird thing they made of it.


  2. Hmm– I could almost like some of these, like library, if the people smiled as if they had a fun secret life. Otherwise it’s just meat mannequins to me and I judge it more harshly than if the same thing was someone randomly grabbing an item off a laundry pile and running out to a fun date wearing it, where the focus was on the fun date–

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