Wearable Wednesday Antonio Berardi

Erica reluctantly agreed to let her newly divorced Mom chaperone the class trip to Biltmore.

‘Mom- the bus driver is telling everyone that you forgot your panties!?’

‘No, I do NOT know if Coach Fredricks is dating anyone!’

‘Mom! Please! The docents are staring!’‘Mom! Come down from there! They already have a topless statue in the library!?’‘Did you bring a portable fan??? Moooooooom! Your nipples!?’‘No. They do NOT need more parents for the overnight ski trip!’ Photo credits: Vogue.com

23 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Antonio Berardi

  1. I have to agree with what everyone else has already said. I have no idea if I like the clothes are not. The poses are too distracting. I’m pretty sure I like some of the fabrics though.


  2. Emily says:

    This IS a (slightly) older model, right? It’s not just the makeup and hair making her seem that way? Then in That respect… bravo, but then I become confused as to whether I want to applaud the slightly older gal being sexy or wonder why she Has to be sexy to be “lovely” or wonder if being older has much to do with how tawdry she looks… etc. There’s more confusing here than the whole pose/ clothes distractions.


  3. These are all fantabulous! And, I love this woman. And, all the things she is doing and being. I wish she was my mom. Wait, no. I wish she was me. Except that I would trip and fall 3 seconds in sporting any one of those pairs of shoes. What, are they 7 inches tall?


  4. ceci says:

    Poor Erica, but she will have plenty to discuss with her therapist in later years. I am fascinated by the pink button holes – some are vertical and some are horizontal, so interesting. And I do think it looks like a fun museum tour.



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