Wearable Wednesday Tae Ashida

Very Florence Welch. I approve.

D’you remember that time after the prom when you were on the balcony and you tried to put that bird in your strapless?

This is perfect movie theatre wear. Good for back of the neck drafts and a wide swath to catch stray popcorn.

Ooh- this fabric is so William Morris!

This fabric is more Morrissey. I think the dickie goes inside, Tara. She is so sleeping with one of the Hyatt Airport lounge singers…..Snu-Snuffilupagus? Is that you????Ones for chapstick, ones for cab fare, ones for a rabbits foot……..

They send this out last- since the dust ruffle train literally bats cleanup.

Photo credits: Vogue.com

22 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Tae Ashida

  1. OK, order me up the theater hoodie thing so I can smuggle in Atkins bars and stay warn under the too cold A/C! The fabrics are so nice and that grey 6 pocketed jacket looks strangely normal.

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  2. Lovely. Wait, did I just type that?
    Once upon a time I made a floor length cape that would match that first dress… A caftan out of the Wm Morris fabric would be wonderful. Hats off, dear!


  3. Some lovely garments in this show. The cape, not its topper, is beautiful and I am not a cape person. The William Morris dress is so my decade, the 70’s. I would have happily worn it. The Balcony Dress is on the edge of beautiful, but the feathers are a Project Runway afterthought when the designer realized the front left had been cut too low.


  4. Ohhhh these are very classy! I’d feel so grown up wearing them. The jacket pockets would substitute for one of those wallets where you put a card in each slot. One card per pocket! Brilliant!


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