Wearable Wednesday Mint Designs

‘Mrs Phillips, I’m sorry, but I can’t perform your mammogram thru that.’

I vow that if I had 5 yards of this, I’d be much nicer to it!!

So the kittens are still a little bitey I take it.

How to know your X-ray tech wants to leave early for a date….

It was so cold, but the patients still wanted their time outside in the garden….

Who wore it best?

APhoto credits: vogue.com

17 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Mint Designs

  1. peggy says:

    I never realized how versitile coats could be! Some of mine would make a great skirt like the brown
    one! Getting to the pockets might be awkward though.


  2. LinB says:

    Sometimes I ruminate about, if I could have another arm (or two), where would it/they prove most useful to me? Now there’s an answer: on my left hip.


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