Wearable Wednesday Kimora Lee Simmons

Please allow me to introduce myself, Mr Bond. I’m Fancy Crevice- the Barons assistant. Mr Bond- if you would help me out of my formal Druid poncho- I shall commence to seduce you….

You may know krav maga- but I’ve trained extensively in twat fu-Please follow me into the volcano lair, I’ll explain my work here as a topless geophysicist, Mr Bond. Here at EvilTech, I have no actual job title, I just make menacing faces and stroke my designer lab wear.You see, James- my dress actually comes apart and can be easily reassembled into a hover craft with just one poke of my stiletto bust darts. Q provided me with this radar blanketing swing dress for the finale- let’s see if you can get me out of it before the other agents arrive!I fully expect your overly planned demise to be quite messy, Mr Bond- please note my vinyl coated pencil skirt. photo credits: Vogue.com

27 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Kimora Lee Simmons

  1. I love these, if only I was a slim elegant twenty something I’d be ripping them off. Twat fu is causing me to break into a giggle fit every few minutes though, where can I pick up this useful skill?

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  2. Most of this is beautiful and wearable. Some great colors and fabrics. But are those…pleated pants I spy? *shudder* (Though I like the color and the creased leg!) And I am fascinated by the shoe/fishnet relationship. Are the fishnets put on over top?!


  3. I think this was my favourite commentary of yours to date. You are genius with these! You’re so right, she does look like some character from a Bond film. Please keep up the good work. I really look forward to these! Thank you so much.


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