Wearable Wednesday Paco Rabanne

The slave that stands behind Anna Wintour waiting to wipe her lips after she has her morning virgins blood smoothie wears this:

Mick Jagger was last seen wearing this-

How can you be upset? This isn’t too bad!If she didn’t have that serious thigh gap, her inner thigh sequins would pelt the front rows.I’m liking this- in a Duchess if Windsor’s parlour wallpaper kind of way….If you brush the skirt upward you get a portrait of Cecil Beaton riding a hobbyhorse!Hold on- can an entire model be sucked into a roomba? Somebody grab her tail!This is fun- like dancehall floozie fun- Can I be buried in this? I was planning to be cremated, but this looks like it won’t burn. Looks like Adam Ants daughter Peony found the ‘special trunk’…..Ok, ok- no more skirt rubbing- don’t get angry! photo credits: Vogue.com

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Paco Rabanne

  1. peggy leah says:

    #3 I like the outer garment only paired with something else. #6 nice top/no brooch please
    #8 LOVE the blue print dress moving back down the runway! Last outfit: like the outer piece

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  2. ceci says:

    The Dancehall Floozie outfit is probably my favorite. Sadly not much application in my day to day life but one can hope. I’m shocked that a couple of the models don’t look furious or clinically depressed – new marketing approach perhaps?



  3. Katrina B says:

    I love most of these outfits and wish I had the life in which I would them. Maybe I could push the boundaries of my CPA firm’s dress code a bit?


  4. Emily says:

    I love lots and lots of these – just not all at the same time, but maybe there were only so many models, only so much time for the show, and So Many eyeball gob-smacking garments? So, pile ’em on!!


  5. Erin says:

    ahhh!!!! mick jagger’s pants!!!! i love them so much. i will want them in a wider leg when i make them myself. i will now commence searching for this fabric.

    actually, the whole mick jagger outfit is pretty sweet. but that pants fabric…


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