Wearable Wednesday Our Legacy

June is coming- let’s turn this into an angry high school valedictorian speech.

  • Teachers, students and family. Our Legacy is something we aren’t ready to face yet-Our Legacy is confusing and hard to understand-

Our Legacy is spread out before us-

Our Legacy is like nothing we’d have imagined-Our Legacy is uncomfortable to stand in-

Our Legacy is incomprehensible and frightening-Our Legacy is something we should have worked harder for- Our Legacy is just a flash on the horizon!photo credits: Vogue.com

15 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Our Legacy

  1. Emily says:

    Perfect captions – perfect. The first one was so obviously a high schooler who had carefully read the dress code wording and was cleverly pushing the boundaries. The second one is mainly just big brother’s or boy friend’s chamois shirt being all “fashioned” by layering it Over the scarf and belting… different but hardly a design… then number three… urm?… caption… and I blew my coffee out my nose.

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  2. Yuck. Even, again, exploiting the young people’s bare breasts doesn’t do anything to make it cool or attractive to me. It’s like nice food which I have no interest in seeing, displayed in tacky wrappers– *shrug* That long cardigan does look cosy though. The rest can go to the freestore–


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