Wearable Wednesday Christopher Esber

Let’s start slow-

Weirdly enough- I’m seeing Mickey Mouse.

I’ve never seen an outfit that makes a models belly button scream in horror….Huh, there are more strings holding her sandals on than the dress! Sooner or later I’m going to get the hanger so tangled in this that I end up having a psycho meltdown Joan Crawford style. 1 pocket for anti-frizz gel, the other for extra garment supporting shoe laces….‘Hi- I’m wondering if you could help me find something unflattering yet strangely revealing- it’s for a job interview…’Boris Becker was stranded on an island for 5 years…..see his first interview on Inside Edition!Photo credits: Vogue.com

18 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Christopher Esber

  1. Weeeeellll…it started REALLY well, and went downhill fast. Too many strings and silly see-through layers- I mean, seriously? In the 60s & 70s, ,maybe, but not in these days of nipple-phobia lol
    I love the first green thing, like the clever woven detailing on the brown suit [but ew to that colour!]


  2. Hit the skids by the fourth look. Green outfit, I was thinking this could be ok, red and yellow pleating maybe in a universe of flat stomachs where the first strings on skirt could also work. Then we lost it to exploring all the ways of not coming up with something attractive, wearable or remotely practical. I mean, if you love your knees enough to want to hack off the end of your trousers, would you tie the spare bits on with strings long enough to put you in A &E?


  3. KittyAnn says:

    There is promise in the first outfit… even the 2nd if the yeller was changed to a nice turquoise, I’d wear it. But not the 4th – ‘string theory’ it is not! Or the 6th, no. The dirt brown fabric and those saddlebags are so very unappealing! Might be able to redeem it if the sleeves and bags were removed, maybe. But I’d def wear the sheer white number in a less sheer fabric that is… no one wants their eyes to bleed at seeing my nakie old bod, even through a veil of fabric!

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  4. love the interview outfit – in the idea of turning up to an interview in this (although having said that I used have to interview people in my last job and some of the outfits people wore were questionable, had to wonder if they cared at all and at least this one would show some style!)


  5. For some reason, I don’t dislike most of these for young thin twiggy bodies–they can have my unsolicited blessing for having fun in them, and the suggestion they fluff up their hair somewhat. Oops, except each outfit might cost a couple of thousand or whatever, so that might slow down 99% of the people who want the outfits–


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