Wearable Wednesday Gucci

Ok, after last week I thought I was starting to understand ‘Resort’. Remember Truman Capotes Caligula Pool party? I miss classy events like that. Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver-…and the last in line was Madeline. Carlo was honored to be on the Popes private flight crew. Oh Lumiere! No!!!!Welcome to Little Nero’s. Would you like a booth or a table?I’m so sorry that your kabob was not to your liking, yes, we’ll comp your dessert. No. not even for Mickey. Miss Marple- the teen mysteries!Tarts! And vicars!Celebrities at the airport- they’re just like us!Milo, this is the 3rd time you’ve been late this week- Mrs Phillips is ready for her waxing!

Photo credits: Vogue.com

26 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Gucci

  1. Well, the first two made me feel some enthusiasm in spite of their extreme lack of practicality but starting with the third one… wow, just no. Some nice fabrics though.


  2. JenL says:

    I believe that when I was about 4 or 5 years old I self-styled something quite like the celebrity airport outfit, lacy tights as outerwear. Mom did not approve.


  3. Emily says:

    The one where the guy didn’t like his kabob just looks like they grabbed someone from the audience and wrapped a sheet around him and slapped something on his head because they were one short – or on a dare maybe. Yep – nothing here hangs together at all. At least for a change the airport celebrity girl has some actual meat on her thighs. Maybe she’s from the audience too?

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  4. Ann P Hudson says:

    GUCCI?! Holy crap Batman! I think I’m voting this line the very worst of anything you’ve shown us this year! Such disrespect to Micky even, wow.


  5. brilliant choice of words as always -thoughts also on probably best not to get celeb airport dressing mixed up with papal flight crew should the event happen in my life…some amazing fabrics and dubious choices

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