Wearable Wednesday Karla Spetic

Hey, you kids in the back! No plucking jokes!

Some of those Hitchcock cameos are hard to find when you first watch….

Hey lady! You dropped your change…and your keys….and your chapstick, oh never mind!?

As the years wore on, Maid Marion tried anything to get Robins attention.

For sale: only worn once- gave up after it got tangled on the washer pole.

Shipwreck day 33….and I look fabulous!!

Come on Esther- you can’t get around the clear purse rule at work….oh.Springfield’s only sewage treatment company with only female employees feels kind of exploitative. Let me leave you with what I can only think of as a belly button ball gag……Photo-credits: Vogue.com

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Karla Spetic

  1. Oh my! I actually kind of like Shipwreck Day 33. I wouldn’t wear it myself but I’m not sad that it exists. The rest of them? Well… they all like kind of shipwrecked. Or some kind of wrecked.

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  2. kssews says:

    Okay so I sort of love the top on the poor model at the end 🙂 And I don’t hate the sheer black dress as a statement piece! I mean, I’d probably wear something like a fitted knit tank dress underneath or a tank and leggings but minor details! :-p


  3. Ann P Hudson says:

    “Mama?” — “Yes dear?”, “What is NORMAL?” — “Oh, it’s just a setting on the dryer of course!” — Most of these so called pieces of clothing are pretty puke worthy IMHO! Gosh only knows what they cost for so little thought and materials. hahaha


  4. Emily says:

    My favorite comments are the first two – you would be a hoot to go to a fashion show with, but we and everyone within ear shot would probably end up kicked out.
    Also, I wonder why they try so hard to start with fairly pretty models and then so often do things with their faces and encourage expressions that make them less attractive? Perhaps they have to try That Hard not to upstage the clothes when the clothes are this… scrappy.


    • It’s funny- surely they realize they are models- not rocket surgeons- do they think if they look surly enough we will understand the seriousness of their profession?


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