Wearable Wednesday Maria Ke Fisherman

Don’t bother fishing for compliments, Maria. The lake is dry.

Pokeman, please go. Major thigh chafe warning- Is she standing in the worlds most useless tote bag?I think her breastplate is made of recycled fast food drink cup holders and her panties were six pack rings. Nice. well, I think the stripes not matching is the least of the crimes on view here. Do I even need to comment on this knitted rick-rack taste of hell? The new Tron full body maxi pad. Photo credits: Vogue.com

47 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Maria Ke Fisherman

  1. Emily says:

    Some of these models are particularly strange looking – not in a “celebrate beauty in all it’s human forms” way, but more in a deliberately non-celebratory post industrial poisons sort of way that goes with the clothing. I think I read this sci fi book…


  2. It seems the theme must be Ventilation? It is as if aliens from Area 51 in Nevada have escaped and just whipped up some original clothes from what they found in the military trash cans…hence the paper cup breastplate.

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  3. your comments as always are spot on…. the clothes have left me speechless (like Jay above)…. i can only imagine what it was like for the maker to hand back to the designer wondering if they got the instruction right….

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  4. Baa says:

    What a waste of fabric
    I’m saddened.
    what do they do with this afterwards
    it doesn’t look like it could be recycled into anything useful.
    I couldn’t even imagine anyone actually wearing any of this on any street corner because that would be about the only place you’d wear it and those gals usually look better than these gals


  5. The most incredible thing it to think of someone actually taking the time necessary to crochet all of this. Were they totally on board with the designer’s vision? Or were they just constantly reminding themselves of the paycheck that would eventually come?


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