Wearable Wednesday Moschino

So I was on the subway this morning…..img_0784

‘I’m so possessive that I rock his Roc necklaces giant ass puffer jacket’

Rosie Perez called- she said you need to return her storage locker keys…..NOWMy husband cringes whenever I attempt a baseball cap- he says it just looks unnatural. I think he sees this.Wear matching track suits to see the Mets she says, it’ll be fun she says. Then she shows up with another guy……NY Transit has come up with an anti-turnstile jumping initiative. After your 2nd offense, you are issued these pants. Northface presents their first collection of prom wear in sassy satin-finish gortex!

Every year thousands of Russian peasant women immigrate to NY to pursue their dreams….. Grandmas vintage Chanel was perfect for Erins new job with just a few adjustments.  Toby was so excited to be invited to the Kardashian pajama party!Hannah felt the chiffon bow blouse was too much for a job interview………Alex wasn’t going to let that Chihuahua that spooked him yesterday from using public transit, he was ready!Photo credits: Vogue.com

28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Moschino

  1. Toby’s fur wrap is actually an animal with a tail…but which one? Lordie, someone is having bad dreams to create this weird collection. The red and black baseball hat lady makes me think of a more modern Frida Kahlo. So good to have you back shaking us up with the latest fashions!!!


  2. The giant Bic lighter from Rosie Perez’s storage locker cracks me up!
    I do like that first pair of boots. I couldn’t rock them myself, but I like them.
    Also, how many geese had to die or go naked for this collection???


  3. Katrina B says:

    Aaaaah I missed these so much! Apparently I have a masochistic streak. The subway is the PERFECT setting for these “clothes.” The posters and the dirty windows and floors give me something else to look at.


  4. Brenda says:

    So very happy that you are back! I think all these outfits would be perfect on the ranch for feeding the goats and chickens. They would be very entertained!


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