Wearable Wednesday Stine Goya

Ah, the holidays. When you drink enough to let your cousin cutting your hair seem like a good plan.st5

Oh, no Hester- she got to you??


I can’t help in the kitchen, I sadly have pink eye. st2

Oh, yeah me too.


It’s like a plague this year, totally.


Fine. I’ll sieve the gravy with Aunt Betty. I wore an outfit that covers all my tattoos. st4

Ugh, I hear everyone who slept at Cousin Floyds house has pink eye. st10

photo credits: vogue.com

11 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Stine Goya

  1. wont be able to look at pink eyeshadow the same again-although at least it takes the focus off some of the outfits (the gravy making pyjamas would be a bit of a miss for me). Happy Christmas to you and thank you as always for your wonderful posts

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  2. Katrina B says:

    This is the best holiday gift – a reminder that no matter how bad my sewn creations are, they can never be as bad as an actual designer’s. Thank you and happy holidays! 😁💚❄

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  3. JayneCobb says:

    No individual piece stood out, but overall I actually love the crazy pattern, texture, and color combos. Bet that’s how the pinkeye spread so quickly through them all, too. They were all rubbing their eyes at how bright it is!

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  4. Kathleen V Crawford says:

    I love your sense of humor. Your use of words just makes me laugh each time I read your comments. Thank you for your writing.


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