Wearable Wednesday Monique Lhuillier

So you have to work the New Years? Why not just wear your party gown and celebrate there?

Oh. The cafeteria isn’t opening the hot bar? Could I get a grilled ch- no? Ok. I’ll find a yogurt.

Now Mrs Phillips- as you heal from your hip replacement, I want you to do these simple exercises every morning. Hands on hips…..

Jordan? Alice Jordan? I’m here to take you to the MRI area……Ok, you know the drill- wipe front to back with the towelette, tinkle a little in the toilet then finish the stream in the sterile cup….Mr Bennet? I’m here to take you to surgery. This is Parnell, she’s my PA. Good morning Ma’am. I’m here from financial counseling to help you with your short term disability forms. Damn. No pockets. Do you have a pen?

Welcome to St Parsimonious Regional. Looks like you need to take the blue elevator to the 3rd floor and turn left at the neonatal desk. who schedules meetings on a holiday? Where’s my clipboard? Wait? You’re leaving early? Can I leave too?? No? Oh, ok. No big deal…..Photo credits- vogue.com

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Monique Lhuillier

  1. KittyAnn Hudson (KittyAnn) says:

    Lovely gowns! Thanks for the eye candy on this most bleary-eyed day of the year, that is if you went out and turned up the town for NYE! Wish I were of the age and figure to wear many of them! Alas, my ‘Scarlett’ days are long gone with the wind honey! *I did make my way over to Ms Monique Lhuillier’s website, she has a section called: ‘Ready to Wed’ where one can purchase a ready made ensemble instead of couture, many at a reasonable price too.


  2. even though I am reading this first thing in the morning, I am already feeling I should make more of an effort (even though its dark and cold here and would ‘catch my death’ in some of those necklines…… ) beautiful frocks…happy new year

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