Wearable Wednesday Fendi

Fendi baffles me. Do I hate it? Do I want to

Embrace the Pollyanna wears a moving blanket vibe?

-I’ve always thought that my purse needed it’s own purse.

I hear that in the very posh VIP lounges they provide jammies. Tho that may change since Gwyneth has been caught stealing them….

Upgrade me or I will jump!! I mean it!!

Fendi- you’re like a bad boyfriend- you keep sucking me in with little glimpses of charm.Then the pants come off.

This blouse combo has a high chafing rating. prove me wrong- denim is not lux. This looks like Mr Furly. Project Runway presents: Grannies Boudoir unconventional challenge! Best Oasis album cover ever! where’s my mace?! Photo credits: Vogue. Com

37 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Fendi

  1. Katrina B says:

    I’m getting a love/hate whiplash effect here. Hard to believe it’s all the same collection. I do think Gwyneth should fire her stylist though – it was a very sad choice for her.


  2. Emily says:

    Of course I get it that none of these are supposed to be Practical in any way, but like the suspension of disbelief in fiction, the author or designer has to Work with us here. Knit underwear with sheer over things looks like the most bunchy, itchy, impossible temperature combo ever!


    • Here’s the thing. I only use Designers RTW collections and they are still too crazy for the average bear. It’s just bizarre that there are no practical trench coats!?


  3. I love the corduroy jacket (not so crazy about the upholstery-thick piping, though).

    And Grannies’ Boudoir? That is some serious niche dressing (and just think what Project Runway would come up with!). However, I rather like the jumpsuit–if it were made in a different fabric.

    Gyneth’s brown dress in the posh VIP lounge makes me think of Picasso’s famous melting painting….


  4. I really think they should punk the Project Runway judges with one of the collections you feature. If the contestants came up with this stuff, they’d be eliminated!


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