Wearable Wednesday Isabel Marant

Let’s set a mood, shall we?

These shoulders tucks can fit the entire daily calorie intake of one professional runway model! Fashion + function! Winner, winner tiny dinner!As if, Toni! I said I was wearing my IKEA wrap today- bitch!Turn Blue Heather- mines Benetton! So what if you haven’t finished shrink wrapping the model- we’ll crop the hose out later! Due to a severe waxing accident, Tiffany was forced to sit out the runway. I mean so like, the galleria was way packed- I couldn’t wedge myself into the Claire’s. It was bogus. Doy Erica- it was 2for 1 stud day- the food court was slammed with toasted surfers scarfing at full pitch. Whatever. Shut.Up. Marley- is that your mothers suede fringed bolero? You’re so tripendicular in that. I totally die of env. Do you have a clue Yardley? That is like granny wear to the max. Wear pink rollers and cruise the farmers market much? photo credits: Vogue.com

14 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Isabel Marant

  1. forgot how much I love that song (fits rather well as I have also been watching strangely compelling paris hilton cookery lesson on youtube so lord knows where 2020 will lead to) – funny mix of 80s and 90s looks, i did like the high waist denim but that could be envy as I certainly couldnt fit them.

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  2. Katrina B says:

    That is the highest waist I have ever seen on a pair of jeans! I believe it would be up around my shoulders.

    I do love Yardley’s granny wear coat though.


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