Wearable Wednesday Christopher Kane

‘Oh Brett! Why must you play with me like I’m some sort of board game for your amusement??’

This is serious Dita Von Teese grocery store wear!

This is my only hope for doing that ‘half tuck shirt thing the cool kids do. What’s up with her toes??

I see Formal Fester.

Sparkly squid- do do da do do do…..

Hmm….a fisherman’s knit with a lobster bib. That is inspired!

Let’s take up a collection in the front row to buy her another pocket.
I think her thong is trying to kill her!
You should see how embellished her crocs are!
Sign my petition to get Kiernan Shipka in this dress!
Fooled you! You just signed my petition to make Kate Middleton wear this to Beatrices wedding! Bwahahaha!
Photo credits: Vogue.com

19 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Christopher Kane

  1. Good grief. Such a lot of ugliness, plus fishnet nipple chafing, ENORMOUS ears, sickly looking models, and those toes! I suspect the looseness of the shoe-straps makes her need to clench her toes to keep the damned things on. Some designers are just sadists I suspect…


  2. o that squid dress and strangly placed ‘eyes’….. and it was of to such a cute start with the board game dress – and to think there used to be a concept that things were made better by a bow!

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  3. Guess we should feel lucky that the blue pocket-missing model was allowed to wear underpants! All of these look like a bloggers “triangle challenge” that went way out to lunch! The thong neckline was just too funny!


  4. Lose the lobster bib, and that’s what I’d wear out of this collection. The pants actually look pretty sharp. But I’d probably never stop fiddling with the big balls of yarn popping out of the sweater.


  5. Oh dear. The models look as though they were recruited from one of those telereality shows that take the lid off life in a women’s prison – but anyone would look hard faced and desperate if made to wear that stuff in public.

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