Wearable Wednesday Carmen March

Students, you’ve made it to the final stages of your clerical training. Angelique will now mentor you In Working in more specialized office settings:

Posing while the copier warms up-

Discretely waiting out your bosses trantrum over not successfully blowing up his enemies Greeting Mr Bond-Lets practice our ‘Nobody gets in the conference room!’ Demeanor-Greeting the disappointing group of kidnapped scientists for a daily scolding- Selective officewear that completely hides a wet suit for when the volcano/office lair explodes. Waiting for Mr Bond to die….photo credits: Vogue.com

23 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Carmen March

  1. Those first pants are super cute, but sadly wouldn’t cooperate with my beer gut. 😦 I also like the jumpsuit. I’m just not sure I’d ever wear one that didn’t have some sort of crotch opening for bathroom use, because I’m not one to suffer for fashion and UTIs are SO not my jam.


  2. I secretly love the big dark coaty thing, although the leatheresque bodice underneath looks naff to me. It always amazes me to see healthy youthful bare breasts and body parts that turn me off of lovely young bodies instead of being presented in some way that comes across as attractive–how do they do it? Would I love to be young and slim, even if not so very very thin? Sure. Then how do they manage to arrange photos so it loses its appeal to me…? Hmmm. Much money must have been spent to get to that point, oddly.

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