Wearable Wednesday Marysia

Let’s all wave at each other from our castaway areas. Marysia is here for us. This is her homage to Brooke Shields classic ‘stranded on an island sewn my own nymphette diapers’ look. Enid already fears her tan line future. Formal night in the island! ‘I made this from 3 sail pieces and a cabin boys snot rag!’

We may be stuck because I used all the ropes, but I look amazing!

photo credits: Vogue.com

8 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Marysia

  1. Katrina B says:

    I love the water color print but I’m stressed out about the models wearing silk and standing near those cacti. Snags, tears, and pulled threads! You can tell I’d be a lot of fun on an island vacation. 🤣

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  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Oh, to have a body that can wear those pieces! I do like them. Your comments made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the light relief in this time of stress!

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