Wearable Wednesday Marine Serre

There is a lot here. A lot.

Erins lamp shade costume was so good- no one spoke to her all night.

Just approach the old woman at the counter and say, ‘Is the Wedgwood in the chiffarobe’ and you’ll be permitted into the sacred lair of the DRUIDS OF BATTEN BURG!It’s not a bear. I’m perfectly safe. I like camping. It’s fine. Oh crap! It was a bear! Or…..something…..

Just popping out for kibble.

Grandma loves quarantine. Walk of shame- campground style. what to say, what to say….Saint Tentulla- patroness of campers. Well, this is frisky. Photo credits- vogue.com

30 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Marine Serre

  1. We had a Pink Snake just like that when the children were little. The children spent lots of time curled up in Pink Snake, watching TV and reading books. Good to see that Pink Snake has been repurposed.
    Like many of the materials used in this “collection.”

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  2. How apropos for a quarantine party! Who needs masks when your whole outfit covers you up? Saint Tentulla has lost her rosary beads. At least grandma and the Battenburg lace model can use pieces of their outfits as toilet paper.


  3. Anne-Marie says:

    What a waste of fabric this collection is. As always, I laughed out loud at your comments. Thanks for continuing to post these Wearable Wednesday collections!

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  4. love them all – in self isolation here for 14 days (on day 4) was sure first photo was me going through fabrics in my work room…….with a bit of luck and entire set of s miracles I could end up like the pink lady….

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