Wearable Wednesday Gucci

Good afternoon all! I’d like to thank all of our volunteers- both our drama class students and our cafeteria and sanitation staff for helping us today as we, the faculty of St Grenadines look at suggestions for our new school uniforms!

Ellen! Take your nipples back to the choir room and wait for Dean Hannity!

Oh Cafe Server Doris, dont you look….jaunty!

Eric Phillips! Go back to 5th form! Your humor is not appreciated here!!

Well, this is…..functional. Perhaps a nice cardigan with our emblem? No votes? No? Thank you anyway Enid.

Oh, Sister Ermantrude! How charming you look! Please stop crying, you’re doing fine, dear!

Lunch Lady Helen! Oh, you are- as the kids say- wearing the heck out of option 4! Bravo! oh, those are your kitchen gloves? Ok.

Oh! This is sharp and very forward thinking for you future lady captains of industry! Do a twirl for us, Honoria!

Well, it’s definitely appropriate for our winters- tho Custodian Hurlehee promises the ladies dormitory will not ice over AGAIN next semester!

Well, this is a bit too casual for the chancellor’s consent- I think their feelings on denim have been long established- oh….I see. Sister Florentine, your Uber is here.

Photo credits: Vogue. Com

34 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Gucci

  1. Proof positive that the fashion industry hates everyone. This is downright insulting. Good job Gucci, you have recast the walk of shame in a new and repulsive way.

    To be fair, the plaid trousers just need to be hemmed, but I am ill from all the rest and there can be no redemption.

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  2. KittyAnn Hudson (KittyAnn) says:

    O. M. Geeeeezus! I’m pretty much without the right words to express my true feelings about these garments. I’m going to give Gucci Goo the benefit of the doubt and say he was just pulling our leg, having a fashion FUNday. The first photo, black dress, could be every nursing socialite’s dream gown perhaps? I would wear ‘Custodian Hurlehee’s’ outfit minus that giant cross, it has possibilities. Maybe she is supposed to be the spawn of Van Helsing and needs the cross for vampire hunting? GAH.

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  3. Faye says:

    Thank you for a delightful and cheery commentary – just what I needed to read today. You can’t help think at times that fashion designers just take the piss! (technical term in NZ for taking liberties and not caring about the consequences- insulting and mocking)


  4. Did anyone else notice that Eric Phillips is wearing a green sweater vest with moth holes? How authentic! The models….could they be any younger and thinner? Would be nice to know the prices on such trashy clothes.


  5. These models in this gear would be enough to put together a John Waters film. How about “The School from Hell”? It could be run by insane religious fanatics who force the students to wear hideous clothes when they take them on field trips. I especially liked the moth-eaten woolly vest. I don’t think that the Goodwill would sell stuff like this, they would put it in the garbage. They wouldn’t insult their customers. As always I love your blog!

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  6. Katrina B says:

    It’s actually upsetting to see Gucci be brought so low. Quote from the designer:”We all belong to the same circus.” All I can say is it’s not my circus!

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  7. Basically, this is the cast for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. On a stranglingly tight budget. So they picked through the goodwill dumpster and what wasn’t horribly stained was the costumes. I’m pretty sure that blue skirt used to be a prom dress.

    Seriously, this HAS to be a joke.

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  8. I liked the grey thing on the poor person with oversized gloves, only the hems and pockets seem rather amateurishly sewn. Their site shows some things a bit like this, and the average jacket seems about $2,700.00, trousers about $1,700.00, boots the same. As a friend of mine says when things are ludicrously overpriced, “Get the f&^%^ out of here!”


  9. Oh my! It’s been ages since I checked in on you and now I come here and see what I love most: Mid-week ridiculousness.

    Some of these pieces are actually not bad though. It’s just all put together wrong. So wrong.

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