Wearable Wednesday Christian Siriano

This year has been crazy. Enid, I am going to stay home this New Years, have a spa night and just be one with my inner space. Just super cas.

Wait- Party? Who’s party? I’d it Elton??? Let me whip something together- hand me that bag of COVID models from my vaccine party!!

Too much? How can it be too much? Oh, you mean my sugar scrub. How did you know I used it earlier? Is it my glow?
Did I mention I took up quarantine crocheting? Totally spiritual muscle memory!
Last years party I stole so many canapés I didn’t have to grocery for a month! This is my fav party bag! I’ve lined it in saran
Please help! My earring is attached to my shoulder!?
I’ll keep an eye out for our Uber- Gaw- I’m sooo drunk already!

16 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Christian Siriano

  1. I think the isolation has finally gotten to me because I found something sincerely positive to say about this.
    The last four are such great throwbacks to the psychedelic era that I have forgiven the disasters that preceded them.
    For the record, I nearly gave the peignoir adjacent first outfit a soft pass because I can picture a young Ann Margret rocking it within an inch of is marabou.

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  2. susansnow007 says:

    So happy you’re back. You have been terribly missed. You’re blogs are like a ray of sunshine! I’m waiting with baited breath for another sartorial screening! (But then am I being too greedy?)

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  3. Ellie says:

    Did I just squeal, “She’s back!!” I might have. And with these looks – it’s really hard to hate on a Christian Siriano spa night.

    And include me in the Sartorial Screening Fan Club

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