Wearing Wednesday Miu Miu

Well, Miss Clancy, if you haven’t got a skirt of the appropriate length- we’ll just find you something from the post and found!

Just follow my lead-walk casually to the door and no one will see the bottle of schnapps in your purse!

June! I don’t care what you saw that Kardashian wearing- my girls wear shirts!

Mary Elizabeth if I turn around and you are making that disrespectful face again, so help me-

Ernestine! Have you been stuffing your binder again? Get back upstairs and put those socks away!

They call me ChaCha, because I’m the best dancer at St Bernadettes!

Roberta! Where is your pinafore???

Ok, there’s a pickle jar by the door- I’m taking up a collection to buy myself 6 yards of this material.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Patou

This is it- I’m a professional model now! The glamour! The travel! The fame- I have wear this on my head?

Where’s yours? You just said no? You can do that?

Ok. I told the stylist I didn’t want to wear THAT hat. Sigh.

Stop laughing! I want your lighting! Where’s your doll makeup??? Is that your own clothing??

I want to speak to my agent!!! I have a bird allergy and my thighs are breaking out.

Hey weren’t you Springsteen’s first wife???

I want a union……and a Diet Coke.

Photo credits: vogue. Com

Wearable Wednesday- Ulla Johnson

Quarantine has hit hard peeps- let’s not forget our poor models forced to take alternate jobs- like Finola forced to stand in front of a tire dealership all day without a Diet Coke break.

Or Ariel- taking in laundry for the neighbors.

Or Siobhan who is being used to attract Amazon drones.

Poor Eleanor- she’s near her breaking point-

Yesterday she was arrested for going thru the recycling bins outside of Dolce and Gabbana’s Tucson vacay home- her freakishly large footprints gave her away-

Mimi is so distraught she has started talking to herself again.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Erdem

Your parents have made a wise decision bringing you to Hedgly Hall while they explore the Bermuda Triangle.

Phoene and Freesia will show you the grounds. Try not to let them get behind you when you’re near the moat.

She’s behind me, isn’t she?

We’ve decided you can sit with us. But not HER.

The doctor says it’s fungal, but it isn’t infectious.

Ernestina! What have we told you about wandering the grounds out of uniform!

Photo credits: vogue. Com