Wearable Wednesday Patou

This is it- I’m a professional model now! The glamour! The travel! The fame- I have wear this on my head?

Where’s yours? You just said no? You can do that?

Ok. I told the stylist I didn’t want to wear THAT hat. Sigh.

Stop laughing! I want your lighting! Where’s your doll makeup??? Is that your own clothing??

I want to speak to my agent!!! I have a bird allergy and my thighs are breaking out.

Hey weren’t you Springsteen’s first wife???

I want a union……and a Diet Coke.

Photo credits: vogue. Com

10 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Patou

  1. susansnow007 says:

    The hats look like they are part of nun’s outfits from a very obscure religious order. The nuns have to wear the hats when they venture out from the convent. The purpose of the hat is to make the nun look demented and then no one on the street will bother her. The first picture, with the big collar, is the Mother Superior, her job is to look the craziest of all so the nuns will be afraid of her and do her bidding. The second in command gets to wear the feather trousers, she does bird calls when the nuns misbehave. How’s that for my interpretation? I agree with Marian that these are the funniest yet. Thanks so much for this you are really helping us through COVID lockdown with these loony outfits! All the best.

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  2. I would give a lot right now for the model’s hair cut in 4th photo. No haircut since September and not likely for a few more months as only essential services are open and stay at home orders at the moment. No joking -my hair looks much like that during summer humidity with a proper haircut. At the moment I look like a cocker spaniel.


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