Wearable Wednesday Anna Sui

Couldn’t get the blanket back in the picnic hamper, but no worries.

Elaine- Grandma wants to know if you’ve seen her Easter tree skirt….

I’m loving the idea of tights that look like I’m covered in moss.

I got ‘velveteen high waist palazzos’ on a random band name generator once.

I kind of love this jacket. Do you think she has matching pants in the case?

If this ended as a jumpsuit it would give serious Mr Furley vibes.

Monica- get in the car! I’m double parked in the student pick up line and I’ve already had 1 warning!?

Monica!? Where are your pants?

Welcome to Bettys Borscht Bucket, may I tell you the specials?

Photo credits: Vogue.com

6 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Anna Sui

  1. susansnow007 says:

    Truly hideous clothes. Awful colour combinations. The worst (IMO) was the moss covered tights. Looked like she had a terrible fungus growing all over her legs. On the bright side, though, if they filmed a new Addams Family movie she could play the role of Cousin Fungus! The one in the Betty’s Borsch Bistro outfit could help out Mama in the kitchen with the cauldron of “Eye of Newt” soup. I’m always so happy when I see one of your fashion reviews in my inbox. You made my day! Thanks.

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