Wearable Wednesday Roberto Cavalli

E! Announces their fall replacement for the Kardashians reality show- Latvian Instagram family the Pootkaviaks on Parade!

Cheeky Latvi charmers dealing with day to day issues of the dirty rich! it’s style and taste coming and going!

Chtke and Mama Poot’ go to a car wash!

Timk deals with laundry on a maids day off and learns about the separate bleach area in the Maytag!

In a tear filled episode Pavlok learns he has a heart murmur!

See them hilariously mistake a PETA gathering for their cousin Petas christening!

Feel the reason for the season as they film their family Christmas card- copies available on their website soon.

Enjoy the Valentine’s Day reunion of the family matriarch Krislov as she finally makes it thru customs!

Little brother Poplokit yearns to reach club stardom….

While Simplova becomes the darling of Latvian fashion week!

Oh those Pootkaviaks! Aren’t they just like us?

Photo credits: Vogue.com

13 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Roberto Cavalli

  1. I deffo need some of this gear. The first two photos have those great outfits where I could flash my boobies to all and sundry. Love the car wash hairdo, so handy for so many different uses. With the right suds you could clean so many things with it. I can’t wait for their reality show! LOL (Something like Schitt’s Creek but with a serious leopard/animal theme going on) FUN!

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  2. This was hysterical. Now, typically we attribute the models’ facial expressions to being forced to wear some pretty awful clothing, but this time around I just kept wondering how any of them kept a straight face.


  3. Leslie Dolin says:

    The pattern on the top of the family matriarch Krislov reminds me of the American flag. I wonder if that is significant or if I have been too immersed in the news?

    And I keep thinking about what would happen if they wore these on safari.


  4. Mary K Parker says:

    Personally, I love how they styled these models together to really create a story. I like the movement and energy implied in the animal print skirts, and I would love to receive a Christmas card like THAT one! I would post it with pride on my refrigerator!

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  5. adore this. I dont watch Kardashian type shows (I must be one of those tv snobs) but I really want your show to be made…. such suspense.
    As I do watch the Aussie ‘nothing to declare’ I would be on the edge watching Krislov making it through customs
    and v impressed with Timk bleachy outfit (snake included)…. as Gatsby would say, the rich are different from you and me…. (well from me anyway!)

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