Me Made Mickey Day 5

Apparently it was romp-tober in Disney World…I swear everyone had on a romper- I could do an all romper post, but it wouldn’t include me- I do think they are cute, but they are very Humpty-dumpty-esque on little me…sigh. Bah! I give you the grumpy old woman face! Thats how I feel about these young people in their tight little outfits! Boo-hiss! Why does everyone have to be so stinking cute?!I was melting and retaining Lake Erie at the same time, not fair!Arrgh!! Check out this dress- it’s like she doesn’t feel the heat at all! Next year, I vow to find the cutest sandals that my archless hooves will allow and I will be dewy and frocked! Well,  this almost concludes our vacation. We did see several new rides- including a sneak preview of the new Fantasyland area. Oh, and one more very promising new attraction….may I present the lovely and quite swaddled Baby Callie Sydelle Corless! Special thanks to Nathan and DeAnna for design and execution- I love your work!!!I’m sorry you can’t see more of her little face, I kept futzing with her hands and this is the only pic that doesn’t look like I’m hand feeding her cocktail shrimp. Which I don’t do.  I DO know that much about babies. Cocktail sauce makes them  sneeze, duh.

photo credits: meadhawg

Me Made Mickey Day 4

There was much stylishness in the parks yesterday!

and this-

And this sassy youth in her salute to Hong Kong- yup, I shamelessly theme dressed for the International Food and Wine Festival…so sad.

We covered half of the World Showcase and after our midday break (we are old, people!) we returned for the second half- or as I like to think of it- drunks on parade. Me thinks it may be darker in Epcot than is safe in such an alcohol infused thorough fare!? Much unnecessary tripping and sloshing. Maybe trick or treating with mickey’s little friends is more my speed!

Here I am hiding in the England pavillion- I even found a book! 

photo credits: meadhawg

Me Made Mickey Day 3 (the one with Halloween costumes!!)

Ok, here we go! Recognize this? It’s the blouse we all have at least 2 of!

I always end up having to put a little panel in the front of this- it worked well with this batik from the trip to Maryjo’s last month. See? It’s stashbustin’ at it’s best! I embellished it with some wood buttons and used gold bias tape for the neck and hem. My rolled hem foot is still a mystery to me, but I’ve got bias down now!

Ok, now I must rant. We always plan our trip around Mickey’s Halloween party. A huge ticketed event involving 4000 of our closest friends. It’s the only time adults can dress up in the parks. So we return to the hotel midday to change, rest, whathaveyou. We return to the bus stop all tricked out as the best part of the Nemo cast and ….NO ONE IS DRESSED UP. No one. We are getting the weirdest looks. Seriously. Fine, adults, don’t dress, but your kids? You just spent how much to attend a closed park ticketed event and didn’t dress up the kids??? Do you really want them to have the ‘why am I the only one under 17 not in costume,WAAAAAAHHHHH!’ meltdown inside a park full of overprissed/priced Princess costumes? Well, the big white glove of commercial Mickey does! Seriously folks, we could hear the insurrection mounting….parents stage whispering, ‘it’s ok, no one else will be dressed up’ and glaring at us. ‘Oh, honey, maybe those are their regular clothes’……a small boy broke the camels back by asking Mr B what was up…he made parents everywhere scream by responding, ‘oh, it’s for the party! We get to trick or treat and EVERYONE dresses up!’ Yup, we are bad people. The glares at us were enough to induce tumors, folks. My husband loves to stir a boiling pot! A foolish Dad muttered, ‘well maybe they will have something in the park…’ oh, the look he got from his wife was pure hate. We left the bus the most loathed adults in Orlando!!!

Now this family gest our full participation award- Mom- you totally rock!

and Dad- you seriously took one for the team!

Here are some other favs: tho I have already vetoed SOMEONES idea that I dress as a dalek next year?! 

No, minnies! Not the dark side!

Now, I apologize for this pic- it’s the best we could do- couldn’t find a pic taking volunteer- certainly not on the bus!

Next year Mr B wants to pick out the costumes- he kept getting asked if we were ‘katie perry and her surgeon’… sad. The sting was lessened slightly because the new areas of Fantasyland were previewing and we got to ride the Ariel ride! Squealll!!!!

photo credits: meadhawg

Me Made Mickey Day 2

On day 2 I graced the Animal Kingdom park with my fav Sew Simple Simplicity Radiation Batik print….gracious it was a toasty day!?

Oh, hey! That isn’t me! I use a moisturizer!

Ah, thats better! We met up with some wonderful family at AK and I’d planned to show you some group shots, but the 7 year old is still reviewing the release form with his legal team. Sheesh?!

We ended up in Epcot after a huge carnivorous feast at the Yachtsman Steakhouse. Yes, I feel dirty, but God’s little animals can be mighty tasty! I wore my fav top of the summer:

Phew! My dogs are seriously barking already! I may insitute the firemans carry on long days soon….Mr B will probably not go for it, sadly.

photo credits: meadhawg

Me Made Mickey Day 1

Well, we arrived safely in the Promised Land and spent our first night in Downtown Disney at the Raglan Road restaurant- very yummsy!  I ventured forth in my fav salute to Victorian ladies: 

OK, thats me- now lets see what else was out there in the park:

OK, Frankenstein and his bride is a very sentimental tattoo choice and many people do honeymoon in Disney….ain’t love grand?

photo credits: meadhawg