I dreamed I was abducted by aliens in Simplicity 8125


Burda2Remember me? I used to blog! Ok, well, I’d like to tell you a fancy tale about pirates, ninjas and a ring of Beanie Baby knock off smugglers and an international chase with cable cars, but……..I got nothing. Honestly, I just got lazy. Once I got out of the habit of taking pictures after each first wear- it snowballed and I just never got back to it! But alas, I’ve missed the adoration of the masses, the community, the feeling of kinship with other people who don’t just stare blankly when I rhapsodize over my joy at self- facings. Burda3

So here I am! Back in the yard while Mr B is off at Beer Club. It’s a thing. What separates it from alcoholism is the bumper sticker. It’s Mead night. I think that involves horned helmets and lots of braided beards. I’ve politely declined my breastplate opportunity.


By the by- this is the exact face I made during gym class. Bewildered and not sure where the ball was. We have a new (to us) Pup-pup. Please met Jas-mini! She is our rescue dog- we found a black and Tan Dapple Dachsie at the local Petsmart/Humane society event and as they say in the war movies- NEVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND! So. Lets get this party started. Mini is a fetching machine and this dress looks lovely in motion. I know this because everytime I walked to the cafeteria in it, I got compliments. It gently swirled about me as I bent into the ice cream cooler. can I get some love for my excellent match of shoe and textile? I mean really!

So Mini will fetch while I toss the yellow bone and tell you about my stellar work on this Franken-pattern. We proceed.


I’ve had simplicity 8125 for a very long time. It’s OOP and hasn’t gotten much love on Pattern review. One review in a pretty floral. I chose the longest version with the little flippy awning sleeves. But I have issues. That seam down the front- can I be saved from that? How about that back seam? You know I’m no fan of the back seam- if I can weasel in without a zip- I am weaselin’! So I trotted to the vault where good fabric waits for bad ideas. I found 2 lovely challis prints that Fabricmart made me buy and when I held them up together for Mr B- he plotzed. I assured him- or tried to that it was a great idea! He was beyond uncertain. Normally that would make me pause and question, but I WANTED THIS!!!! So Bruder and I retreated to the sewingroom to shake our little fists and rue stuff.

Oh! Do you know what this needs???? A overskirt! So I stole the overskirt piece from Burda 6944 – a pattern I bought when the Hancock fabric was closing and I was on a spree. I think I saved enough of the original concept to make the top half almost recognizable- almost? Sort of? IMG_1380 (1)

Once I was in square handkerchief frenzy- I decided to add a triangle of the contrast fabric to the center of each sleeve awning. By the way, pattern placement failed me. I liked to see the little birds, but I kept seeing one out of the corner of my eye and the white splash was jarring. I’m easily distracted.

Once I got this all together, we had a cold snap. Seriously. A cold snap in SC. So this stayed on Ms Holloway the dress form for a week or two and I felt like it was calling out- ‘Hey! I’m not busy enough!’ so I added some copper-toned bits of business to satisfy my inner crow. Finally the weather cleared up and we are back to the 1 hour of spring we get every year before it turns to a back fat blistering southern hell. Action shot- I’m moving so fast, everything but Bruder is a blur!


Mini? May I ask why you are refuses to get into camera range? You aren’t Garbo you little snot- get back over here and be cute so one of us is coo-worthy! Burda4

Min-Min, come here, precious! Bring the drool soaked yellow bone to Mama! Come here pretty girl! Go get her Bruder! Ok, just lay down.


Why do I try to organize you beasties?! I swear- none of you are earning the kibble!



photo credits: little me, Pattern Review

Growling at 2016- with Butterick6241


Well, Happy New Years Eve from little me and all of us at Mutual of Omaha!

I’m feeling most frisky today- new year approaching, new possibilities, new yada yada….

it’s time for Jungle January 5 and a renewed sense of sewing wonder- cuz I wonder how many peeps will join me and what wonders we shall see!

I haven’t blogged any makes in a while- I’ve made lots of staples and repeats, but nothing that could bring any new inspiration or tell a new tale- so I’ve kept happily wearing, but not sharing!

Today I have a little variation on Butterick 6241- check out that wonky-woo hem on the green version!



a pattern I like to think of as faux Tilton- it’s sort of Lagenlook with lots of seams….it’s been in the possible pile for months- but I don’t like the front zipper- those unzipped knit collars take me back to 80’s track suits and that’s not good for me. I never got the exposed zipper as decoration thing either. So I just skipped that part and went mock turtle on it.


I’m loving this- slightly fitted, but cozy, boxy- no stomachs sucking in- totally my thing. These pictures were going to be outside- in my semi-urban jungle, but it started sleeting! Seriously. How thoughtless.  This print is so ferocious- it defied the camera to show us both in focus- it was me or purple kitty- not both!!!


One thought- the gigantic pocket wings are lovely little details- but the backside will show and my backside is very white! Well, I guess that would be assumed, wouldn’t it! So I tacked them together  so they are still fancy usable, but not so backside viewing. Cuz I’m pure class as you know.

Also, why a center back seam? It’s minimally shaped- so what’s the point? It didn’t save very much fabric doing it on the fold- call me decadent- I waste fabric!

Now after I twirl a bit, let’s talk Jungle January 5!!!!!

If you are game, so am I!

Link your makes to this post and #junglejanuary5 on twitter!

This year I’d like to see some previous makes and how you have enjoyed the Jungle all year-long! Throw some selfies on twitter with

#wearthatgrrr let’s strut like predators all month, no- year long!

Every ferocious Friday we’ll have our catwalk roundup!!

One reminder- let’s love the animals and appreciate their skins on them- we’re celebrating the beauty of the print and all its purring power!!!!

photo credits: little me!

Simplicity Fall 8141

Simplicity 8141 has all of my favorite motifs: 3/4 sleeves, drapey business and a quick completion.

I should have filmed the event of me trying to lay out the gigantor pattern piece -with taped portion – on my sewing room floor! I was playing Twister with an invisible squid that cheats! I locked the pups out or it really would have been a party!
Last year I had this crazy idea that I should introduce some solid colors to the Annie closet of gaud. This crepe is from fabric Mart and its reverse worked really well for this. You hem 1 end on the right side, 1 hem on the wrong side then attach 1 shoulder and flip the front of like  you are surreptitiously wiping your nose on your hem in an elevator.

What? Everybody does it.

I overflipped or underflupped or something, I never could keep the reverse hem from showing. When sewing nears geometry, I just declare defeat and tuck it in.


This is the shorter length- I wasn’t quite stocked for the longer one- but I tried! The more you mess with this, the more it kind of turns and slides around into this ‘X’, but I do like it. I skipped the back seam and could stand to take the back in a tiny bit for my slopey shoulder fix-


I hope you envy my Milky Way necklace- I have a dork spouse- he buys me very cool things!

Photo credits: little me, google images, simplicity.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Hey look, I sewed something!

If you know me, you know I get burned out on a season about 3 months before my local climate changes. What can I say? I’m a fickle beast. 

It’s October now! I want to see fall, but it’s still 9 degrees hotter than the surface of the sun here in SC. How can I Stroke corduroy without melting???

I’m bored with my closet! I want to wear new fall things even if it kills me!! So this week I made 2 new tops for work. Both are still under review- let’s start with this- Vogue 1188, why hasn’t this gotten more love? These sleeves are gesticulating fabulousness!!! They are winged sleeve victory, baby!

This brings me to a thought about fit and ease. Recently I had a gal about my size tell me she wasn’t plus sized. Really? Um, ok. So I asked the husband. Is —– about my size? She says she wears a 12.

He looked at me and pretty much said, she likes her clothes 2 sizes too small, you like yours 2 sizes too big.

Huh??? No, I like it to hover gently over my body like a car cover. Oh, ok…I get it now. With this in mind, I still felt this fit too closely for my tastes. So I thought let’s get fun- how about a little panel in front with a slight ruffle to it to mirror my flying squirrel sleeves?


Here we are- I’d say it’s a working muslin of Vogue 1188. I don’t think this fabric is very good- besides just being a solid, it’s just boring- I’ll try this again in a lawn maybe- or as a tunic in a nice fall fabric?


Why has this pattern not gotten much love?? MY version is doing it no favors I know- but these sleeves are so fun!


Ok, this is making me 75% happy. I love the fabrics together, but I don’t think the fit is spot on. 2 very unstable fabrics were not the best call for this pattern, but I’m wearing it. I’m not disgusted, but I’m not doing a major victory lap. I’m meh, but meh with a cherry on top.

Now. Simplicity 8170. I love this style of shoulder- it’s totally meant for we slopy gals! But I’ve always had an issue with fit in the under arm area. How much is too much excess?


I’ll make this again in a more stable material- 2 crinkly woodgy gauzy things do not make a right! Now, I think I have discovered the origins of super model feuds today. Just out of camera range, Bruder felt the call of the puppy pad. It truly is hard to find ones inner muse when  he’s staring at me and waiting for me to compliment him on his superb use of the appropriate area for ones business on a cloudy day. I’m sure Kate Moss did something similar to Linda Evangelista back in the day.


Photo credits: little me, google images. All images remain the property of the original owners.

Simplicity 1884 goes to a book sale!

This is a ‘big fish’ story. You know the ones? The most amazing thing happened! I caught a giant mermaid and let it go- honestly- it happened- Bill Murray helped me haul it into the boat- we’re buds! I swear!

Last week was the giant amazing fabulous used book sale in Greenville and I’ve been preparing for months! Auditioning tote bags, making lists, clearing shelf space. Preparing the husband with author flash cards so he can dive when he sees a particular book.

Elizabeth George: Inspector Thomas Lynley!

It’s a book sale not for the faint of heart.

My Outfit- after much consideration, I went sleeveless. Simplicity 1884:

I’ve made this one before- its comfortable and quick- I love a pattern that has minimal front and back seams so my gaudy fabrics aren’t too diced up. I skip the bow and added a wise owl- for my smarty-pants book sale theme.

1884 6

Another plus- no dangling sleeves to create drag while book shopping. I need full arm extension and rabbit punch moves!  No excess fabric for other shoppers to grab at and haul you away from the prize tomes. 3/4 tunic length so no time waisted hauling  it down over my hips after I body slam and use an old lady as a pommel horse to get to a pristine Deanna Raybourn!

Book shoppers at this sale are not those sweet sleepy book club ladies that just want to talk about Edward and Bella. These chicks are hardcore!

1884 3

Hell hath no fury like a spinster with a wheelie cart defending her Janet Oake books from attack. It’s not for sissies, folks. Elbows are sharp and flying at the large print Nicholas Sparks table.
So why is this a fish story? I forgot the bleeding camera!? So only a few phone shots are available- nothing of little me looking lovely.

So you must listen to me  tell you of my battle scars- the way I hyper-extended my arm like Mrs incredible to reach the only copy of a Gore Vidal I didn’t have. The way I vaulted across the table and dive caught a Michael Connelly just as the guy with his t-shirt tucked into his sweatpants dropped it.

1884 5

Well, the siege lasted 2 hours- from the time the volunteer greeted us  (in my mind he really said,’At my signal, unleash hell’) to our exit- bloodied and with spoils  rivaled only by a Mongol raiding party! This is from my phone:

Here’s Bruder- he is pretending he is me at the noir table:

He gets me. He does.

1884 4


The to-read shelf is most happy now.
Photo credits: little me, pattern review. All images remain the property of the original owners.

Butterick 5816 No zippidee, lots of doodah.

It is hard to get dressed in the summer. The effort of layering leaves me numb and spent. I like easy flowy tops and a vague feeling of dress pants below. So I go on a floaty top sewing spree every July. I cut out 4 at Fathers today- to the accompaniment of a WW1 documentary.

Before that I revisited an old friend- Butterick 5816- OOP!


My other version is D- but I have a non-functional zipper aversion.Maybe it was too much time in the 80’s trying to look like Boogaloo Shrimp. Maybe I just hate metal near my skin- unless it’s this MCQueen dress that doubles as a nursing ensemble- which I think needs decorative zipper pulls-


This just seems uncomfortable and a potential tushy pincher!


I know it can be lovely, it’s just not for me.

So I edited the shoulder panels to skip it and added a row of decorative coral charms. Cuz I usually can use more charms than I naturally possess?!

This time I did not even think about it, I went right to the decorative trim along the seam and headed out to get some nicely over-expose pictures on the way to Fathers for lunch.


This landmark has been on my blog pic plan for a long time. Little did I know it was a Pokémon stop and everyone would slow to a crawl as they passed it. No, that’s not intimidating or uncomfortable for this chubby introvert!


Usually I bring you nothing useful, I may break my streak here- I’ve discovered the joys of adding a little line of fusible webbing between facing and garment on back necklines, so I don’t end up with the back ‘walk of shame lobster bib’ hanging out of the back if I’m not careful.


This is one of the rare pieces of fabric I got a Hancock- usually I just pillaged the patterns and shopped at Fabricmart! Yesterday we hitched up the buggy and drove into the big city to go to the Jo Ann’s. Heart sinking. Not very excited by the fabric. Maybe it’s between seasons, maybe I’m just too weird!

Should you be totally enamored of this classic Anderson setting, enjoy this link to a free jigsaw puzzle of the property! http://www.jigidi.com/jigsaw-puzzle/GLXS0212/Rankin-s-Grocery-Anderson-SC


photo credits: pattern review, little me, pinterest. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Mccalls 6758 and a Pokemon safari!

So you know I’m pretty cool, right? I mean, of my siblings I’ve definitely the coolest and if asked, I’d say generally people will grudgingly admit that I do not act like a mature, reliable adult. That’s really code for cool. I know.

Part of what makes me so fabulous is my constant up to the minute knowledge of pop culture and what is going on up in here.For Shizzle sticks.

This morning I finished working on Mccalls 6758. It’s OOP, but I’ll probably bring it back by popular demand with my trend setting skills, right? Yup. I only use my powers for good, thankfully. I was headed out to the downtown area to take pictures in the same classy pose as the cover model:


Yeah, it’s a great pose for helping someone understand the pattern and design features, right?  Nix that. I’m going to to multi-task. Some local skater kids were playing Pokemon Go and I decided to join them. They were very helpful- they could see immediately what an asset I was to their training team.


So I took their advice and headed out to a field they said was very popular with the rarer beasts and set out to ‘Catch ’em all!’ as the hip say.


Now, about this dress- it has 3 seams up the front and it has a nice little nip to the waist- not truly fitted- I still managed to skip the back zip, but comfortably fitted. I used a painted homespun iridescent cotton I got on a Mary Jo’s trip- I thought this dress had a nice almost military shape to it and the green worked for my vision.

Oh, I think I hear one now- wait- crap! I lost him?!


This collar is a puzzle to me- it lays on sort of a convex angle. I can’t see anyone elses well enough to see if I’m just weird. I tried it several ways and just ended up going convex. IS that a word?


Well, I’m happier with my dress that I am with my new hobby. The kids said I should let them hold my phone, because the pokemon are frightened of the cellular waves and that my net would catch more. So far I’ve seen 3 squirrels. I may never level up.


Being an arbiter of style and trend is hard and hungry work, my people.


photo credits: little me,. pattern review. All images remain the property of the original owners.