Just when our planet needs her most-

MY PEOPLE!!!! I, your galactic Swintonian Overlord have returned to comfort you in times of sartorial need!

Look upon my celestial brilliance and Bask in my omnipotent Chanel pre-fall 2018 glory!

Never fear! I bring you culottes and trays of small canapés. Rest in my well-tailored embrace and be healed!

Photo credits: Fashionsizzle.cm

The Thistle and the Swinton


This week I was alerted to the culmination of a strange and powerful union by Amy on twitter.  Amy has earned her merit badge for Swinton spotting and is now an official Junior Swintologist! Applause, applause!  It seems that the Kaiser has contracted an alliance with our favorite galactic being. I wonder if Haider Ackermann is behind a force field somewhere…. but he should have seen this coming- remember the Versailles Chanel show on Wearable Wednesday over a year ago? He doesn’t understand her lack of accessories, but he understands the power! tilda-main_2

Obviously plaid is no kryptonite to her! This collection is so lovely and textural and looks so good against her rawness. You knows? More of the collection is here2 e


I think the Lagerfeld has been planning this for along time!Perhaps ever since he and Choupette sat down to split a diet coke and watch Orlando. Choupette-Lagerfeld-Cam-NET-A-PORTER


I’m going to need this all boxed up and sent to the Grievance headquarters, please. Merely for further analysis. Formal study, you know. That may or may not include me rolling around in it with 3 dachshunds. tilda-swinton-collection-chanel-paris-edimbou-L-zw952L

photo credits: Chanel-news.com, in-style.com, Net-a-porter.com. Google images. All images remain the property of the original owners.

Cannes is Swinton’d

Tilda 1

The airspace over the Riviera practically crackled with life-affirming Tildanian vibes last evening. In a suit specifically designed by Haider Ackermann to keep her fabulousness cool during her spacecrafts re-entry, the Swinton graced the red carpet and of course, lives were changed. Her minions wore their standard Tom Ford flight suits. tilda3

I wish this picture did the fabric justice-  altho, it may just be an aura of intergalactic lux that she is projecting, but I think it’s lovely. Her eyes are so bright- she must have fed recently. tilda2

photo credits: google images, celbitchy. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Children of the Swinton, gather in rejoicing!

Ah, do you see the cartoon bluebirds? My Swinty senses are all atingle! The docent has released our Tilda her plexiglass fortress of Swintitude and she is gracing the cover of W mag this month and in a photo shoot with some of our favorite Wearable Wednesday designers. Shall we peek? Oh yes, lets!cess-tilda-swinton-tim-walker-las-pozas-08-l

The spread is exceptionally Swinton- otherworldy, regal and a teeny bit ‘huh‘. As you’d expect. There are 2 pictures in the spread that I am not even sure she is really in- she’s that amazing! cess-tilda-swinton-tim-walker-las-pozas-13-l

These are my favorites- they have a moody quality I just love. I can even see her antennae if I squint! Go see the rest here. cess-tilda-swinton-tim-walker-las-pozas-07-l

Alright Tilda, you have dazzled us again, you may return to freeing the people of Planet Swintargon from the tyranny of Ambassador Zurg.

photo credits: W Magazine. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Swinton Sighting!!!!

Children of the Swinton, do you smell stylishness? Tempest has had my Swinton senses on full alert this week with her Bowie updates and yes, we have been rewarded! The heavens parted over the V&A last night and we have a new shot of the Tildanian! tilda

I’m loving her in this tailored look- she is is of course sporting the Haider Ackermann. Thank you, Mr Bowie for ending our Swinton drought!!


photo credits: google images. All images remain the property of their original sources

Friday morning Riviera Swinton Sighting!

If you have had your Tildopplers set to Cannes you saw our ‘Oddess appear twice so far:

‘Namaste, people of earth’

In other pictures you can see she’s recycling the shoes- her winged horse had less saddle bag space than the Ton-Ton she usually takes to appearances. I like.

‘Dude- did you see I’m with tilda Swinton????’

How do other Tildanians feel about these? I think the colors are wonderful on her. Maybe not so much on Mr Murray.

Photo credits: Zimbio