Wearable Wednesday Alice McCall

Is the collar attached to anything? I can’t tell wear the soufflé ends and the tacky startsI had these placemats.is resort wear just impractical Coachella frocks?Or the castoffs of old back up dancers?hi do like a floral- that’s lined.This is so FanningHuh. fannypack?

For that Dead or Alice reunion!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! On this glorious holiday we must take a break from rolling eggs, trying to get that plastic grass out of the vacuum cleaners brush roller, looking for leftover ham recipes and guiltfully clicking by Cecil B deMille Bible classics to watch Hoarders- to visit my favorite place!

Yes! The best Easter Island of all- Helena Bonhams pate. It never fails to dazzle and delight!

I only wish I loved her feet as much as I adore her head….

Why is she never at the Met Gala? Is Sarah Jessica Parker afraid?

If they made a tv show like supermarket sweep where I got 15 minutes in her closet with a shopping cart…..

 I so wish my stylish crazy was as potent as the Hel’ BC!?

Yeah, I’m not feeling like doing the hair today- bring me a horse halter wreath from Ascot, m’kay?

It’s like her hair always needs some sort of security blanket- it cannot be alone.

Safety first, lovelies!

This was a bit of a surprise-

Oh, to be a holiday atop these follicles!

Happy Easter to all!

Photo credits: Pinterest. 

Sunday Safari Links!!

Please go see these gorgeous growling gals!!!! I love floral and animal print combos- they are very dear to my gaudy heart!



I want this cardigan!!!!

Itch to Stitch Paro Cardigan

Ladies, you are all awesome!!!! Your feline femme powers are on stun and the judges give you ‘2 Claws up!’

Saturday Serengeti Strut!

Good Morning Denizens of the Sartorial Jungle! I’d like to dive right in today with a frisky little number in zebra from cdhar2 on Pattern Review! Its the Cleo pinafore and I’m really thinking I need one too! How cute is she in this??? Thank you for letting me share it!


Pennylibrarian is back! Please remember to send all excess fabric straight to me!!!! MEEE!!!


Grr- pet, pet! I need this dress, Thimberlina!!


I love me some tropical jungle prints- Siobhan needs a mai tai right away after her hard work on this!!


Linda– you are making me so proud with your cats!!


Oh Fadanista– you had me at props!Extra points for the hat!!


Last week the every so sassy Artfulblasphemer shared her saturday shopping goals and it was all a jungle princess could hope for!! Check it out!

Remember Ladies- it’s up to us to inspire others and keep cheetah out of the wrong paws!


photo credits: Pattern review, Penny Librarian, Fadanista, Siobhan,Linda, Thimberlina!All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Miu Miu

Slumber Party at the asylum!


Where do I start? Are there only 20 pictures because everyone is wearing 3 outfits? Does Rainbow Brite know her shoes are missing?


Look at the t-shirts we made at Camp!


…and then the alarms went off and we had to run out of the hotel wearing whatever we could grab!


Stay off drugs, kids.


Don’t worry Margo- no one will know this is our first time at Coachella!


Preying Mantis flappers?


I really NEED the Tay-Swift squad to show up somewhere like this.


Is she steaming her bits on that radiator?


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

Shilly-Shallying and such

So just what have you been up to?

I hate that phrase. Where others hear solicitous enquiries I feel like I’ve been caught in my pajamas at two in the afternoon with Netflix and spoon that has been directly in the peanut butter jar.

It’s also where I would start defending things I’ve done- re-covering  all the throw pillows in the den- look at Bruderlein- doesn’t he make them look handsome?



A 12 x12 cross stitch interpretation of a William Morris Tapestry- 6 months and 35 skeins of DMC floss. That may sound like a crazy amount, but I get knotted up easily and during some episodes of Suits I got off track and put one bunny a little farther down the trail than the artist intended- rip it out and curse accordingly. I am obviously not the reincarnation of a Belgian tatting nun.  I’m glad to be done with it- honestly, it was the husbands giggly references to ‘show me the bunnies’ that were really killing my spirit.


I’ve made a dress- Vogue 9159. It turned into a top and skirt when I didn’t like how it fell over my hips. Ok, it didn’t so much fall as act like I pushed it over my hips.  But now I don’t think it looks good as a set and that spandex nylony business I used is hotter than Keith Partridge in a fringed vest.


So now I have a skirt that matches my favorite black t-shirt. You know how one bad sew makes you question your skills and pack everything up in a bunch of old amazon boxes and put the machine by the curb and think about renting out the converted sewing room to a drifter you found on Craigs List?

Yeah, ok, maybe that’s just me.  Well, the bad fit and drag lines and my issues with a narrow chest and how my necklines rise up in the back and have to be reshaped before I make a facing is almost conquered on most of my makes as an assumed plan of attack, but lately I’ve been just not feeling like wrestling the fabric into submission.  My sewing has not been joyful. So I decided to go thru my pinterest boards and see what catches my interest.

I spent 3 hours looking at gifs of Tom Hiddleston.  No, honestly, more like 45 minutes tops. I swear.

Then I saw this:

bow front


I thought this shape was lovely and oh, lookee- a chestal neckline pleat that I can tailor to my slopy Mary Todd Lincoln profile! Wardrobe soulmate:


A perfect shape and a goto pattern were just the thing- this pattern has been a favorite resident of the ‘VALLEY OF THE UNBLOGGED’ . You know I have a short attention span and once I’ve worn it a few times, no matter how strong the love, I feel weird taking blog pictures of it. I’m bored with your French seams, let’s agree to keep our relationship out of the papers, shall we? Simplicity 1253:


This is the 3rd version of this I have made-

I love this one- it’s got a contrasting neck facing using the border print. Oh, and zebra beading- cuz, well…… IT SHOULD HAVE ZEBRA BEADING!! ver1

I’m ok with this one- the sleeves are a little narrow and the fabric is a little stiff.


Using the pink and pa-recious pinterest top as a jumping off point, I made number 3- Sh! Don’t tell the others- you’re my favorite!


I used the same technique I use to make the upper bodice narrow- but in reverse.  Usually I lay the center front pattern piece on a narrowing angle on the fabric fold- widening at the hip. This time I widened it at the bust.

After I got my shoulder seams frenched, I let Ms Holloway wear it while I decided on the perfect bustal pleat and sassy bow.  I like my bows sassy with a little droop (like my men) so I didn’t interface my bow- I let it go ‘au natural’ as the French say!

At the back neckline I added a smaller pleat and topped it with a decorative bead- to repeat my bead theme.

Now, everytime I’ve sewn this I’ve widened the sleeves about 2 inches- they are not wide enough when they end at the bicep area for me to type my manifestos all day. I did the same here. Also, no hem- I just let it go in stretchy lace tatters.


This material is so sheer- how do you feel about facings in sheer garments? I’m not a fan- it’s like seeing the label thru the material- rookie mistake in my mind. So I used a bias edging .

I didn’t hem this, I liked the soft edge it had without it. I swear, it was a style choice- not because I’m lazy! I waited 3 weeks to post this because I’m lazy, but the hem was a choice!

Spring is here- I’m hoping I’ll feel more like adorning myself with new pretties soon and get back to some serious texture massacring in the sewing room!

Hey, this last shot is in honor of the talented actor, advocate for mental health issues and mother of hobbits- miss you Anna!


Photo credits: pattern review, Pinterest, little me. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Mui Mui

Don’t judge me- Im just here to pick up my tamiflu….


Today on DIY: From throw pillow to kicky shorts with no sewing required!


Harriet’s father would never know she was going to the dance and not the library- Harriet was soo smart.


Nothing says class and refinement like a strap on fox carcass.


Alma was stunned to discover all Granny had left her was a set of wing chairs, but she soon made the most of them.


She was inspired by Alison, who’d inherited Grannys 2 pekinese.


As it got colder,Mia became more and more passive aggressive about Brads refusal to turn up the thermastat.


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.