Wearable Wednesday Naeem Khan

Now Enid, don’t make any sudden moves- I have a gun in your prominent ribs and I will use it.


You’ll never get away with it Pia- I have just activated the tracking device in my chin implant- the resistance will know our location in 4 minutes!


Foolish girl! The helicopters are already outside- not even Michael Kors and his agents can save you now!


Now who’s foolish Pia? My waist trainer doubles as handcuffs! This should hold you until the stylists return with my diet coke and the authorities!


You’ll get nothing from me! I’ll never tell you where the secret atelier of the Master is!


Hmmm…….what if I force feed you carbs and make you wear off the rack?


You wouldn’t dare! My union would have you killed!


Oh, but I would! Bwahahahaha!!!!


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Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson

Someone call the paramedics- I think he shoulders  have come out of their joints while trying to escape this ghastly sweater?!


Oh no! I left the iron on the bodice! I know! I’ll stitch a whimsical cloud over the charred area! Phew! No one will ever notice!


The ushers suspected that Irma was sneaking food into the theatre, but they had no idea how…..

jw 3

Thigh gap at its strangest.


Maybe it’s better without the jacket…..no. It’s not.


No, don’t explain- let’s just pretend I never saw this. Oh- and give me back my pomeranian.


No. This jacket cannot save the rest of the collection, but it is a nice try.


Now one more thing my little chickadees! Please let me know by the end of the week if you wish to be a Jungle January Swapper! I hope to give out partners when I return from Sandringham.


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Wearable Wednesday Pamella Roland

My holidays are tres busy- as you would assume of an aging debutante and party flower like me! So I share with you what I will be wearing to various local events- to charm the locals. First up- a pop out to the local farmers market for goat cheese and persimmon whips.


it’s brisk on the porch- I’ll throw on a wrap to go plug in the giant inflatable Santa and his 8 tiny rein-dachsies.


Off to the post office to ship gifties to the Ohio branch, then I shall do my stint on HWY 81 cleaning up garbage and such. Civic pride never takes a holiday, you know!

p3   What? Out of nog and bagel bites? I’ll just pop over to the quiky mart.


Time to go see the nephews school pageant- oh, sweetie, did Auntie scratch you? I’m sorry- I can’t resist a bear hug!


This year I’m brightening lives at the soup kitchen- best to be casual- something wash and wear perhaps.


Work party at the local Chinese buffet- it’s crab leg night and secret santa!


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It is time………..


The Calendar says December and sure you think that means it’s time for some generic holiday season, right? No. You know it’s more than that! You feel it in the air tonight, like Phil Collins feels tiny little royalties checks!

Yes! It’s time for the 4th- yes, 4th!!! Jungle January Sewing Event and Swap!!!


Four years ago we set out on a noble quest- to bring the joy of animal print clothing and accessories to our wardrobes and the world. Some of us were scared- some of us were cheetah veterans and all of us had a lot of fun sharing our work and our sewing community!

Have you sewn along? It’s super easy- just sew something in a fab animal print- post in to your blog and link back here! I’ll have a weekly recap and jungle parade and post your work here and on the Jungle January 2016 Pinterest page- a great place for oohing, ahhing and inspiration!


Some of you know I have more ideas than skill- so feel free to snag these Tarzan images right off the Pinterest page and add to your blog so you can be one of the cool kids!


Did I mention a SWAP???? Yes, I did! Last year we had lots of fun swapping animal prints across the sea and the wide Serengeti- want to play?? Post a ‘pick me, pick me’ in the comments with your email address and a brief essay about your feelings on posting internationally. Bruder and I will pair you up 2 by 2 (see what I did there? ) and you can get your SWAP on!!!!


Oh, one more thing that Bruderlein wanted me to remind you- love the animals- be inspired by them and their beauty, but……


Not ready to commit yet? Here’s some inspirations from Pinterest:

Givenchy Resort 2016-




photo credits: little me! Pinterest.All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Zac Posen

This. Yes.


This too.


I couldn’t wear it, but I’d love to look like a sexy throw pillow.


I can’t even make one of those paper fortune tellers from 8th grade?!


Who, me? Trying to sneak out of the building in this dress? Why Zac, you wound me.


You’ll let me keep one? can I keep the suit? Oh, ok, well  thanks.


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Jungle January 2016


The ladies men admire, I’ve heard,

Would shudder at a wicked word.


Their candle gives a single light;



They’d rather stay at home at night.


They do not keep awake till three,


Nor read erotic poetry.




They never sanction the impure,



Nor recognize an overture.


They shrink from powders and from paints …


So far, I’ve had no complaints.


Don’t let anyone define you, except you!

Wear what you dare and go get ’em Tiger!




credits: Dorothy Parker- Interview. Pictures,pinterest. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Opening Ceremony

Evelyn was a huge fan of Jon Snow and dreamed of joining him on the wall….Until then, she would wander the earth dressed as a black bird.


Ok, I think they threw in the dog to make sure we didn’t think she was wearing a Bob Marley image without correct licensing.


Damn it Opening Ceremony, I don’t want to like you- this belt is helping. How do you sit while wearing an Audi gocart steering wheel as a belt?


I think they are sheep dogs… Or a pile of old geisha makeup brushes.


Mom, I know where the house is- stop meeting me at the bus stop looking drunk?!


I have this overwhelming desire to heat up a can of campbell’s split pea soup…..


A streptococcus bacteria print midi biker jacket!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.