Psst! Hey- look over here! There’s a Pattern Pyramid Touching down at Gjeometry’s place!! The grail pattern Butterick 4699 is still in the pile, too, so hurray!


Oooooooh!  Yes, indeed.  Pattern Pyramid arrived yesterday from the lovely and talented Amanda at Symon Sez, so exciting!  This pattern pyramid was originally started by the charismatic bundle of joy, Anne at Pretty Grievances.  It has been quite the world traveller, visiting various continents and countries, enjoying cocktails, romps on the beach, did some shopping and even bought some cute souvenirs for the little pyramids, at home.pyramidsThe Pyramid began with Velosewer, as the first winner.  It then went on to The Material Lady and next to Mrs. Mole at Fit for a Queen.  After this, Pattern Pyramid enjoyed it’s journey to Tulle and Tweed and straight on to my predecessor, the previously mentioned Symon Sez.  Fabulous!

Now, I also wanted to participate in Sew Grateful Weekhosted by My Happy Sewing Place, where bloggers can take the time to thank their readership and other…

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Pyramid Pattern Progressing

We have another winner!! Run over and see Mrs Mole and her prize picking cutie!

fit for a queen

Well here we are, Wednesday, and 7 names to go into the drawing.

Let’s start with the names folded into squares:
   and they go into a magic candle holder  then we need a willing blindfolded assistant  He draws the name:and the winner is…..holding my breath…

Anne of Tulle and Tweed in Scotland!!! And she thought she could not play the game because she lived so far north…you see what happens when you are minding your own business…your next assignment is to select a pattern or two or three and replace them with patterns from your own stash and offer the chance to more seamstresses and keep the collection rolling along and evolving.

Congratulations, Anne!!!

Please send your mailing address to me at and I will send your parcel off to you.

My readers can follow the progress on her blog and join in the fun.

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When bad peplums happen to good people

There are some things that just can’t be bad. Kittens, ice cream, noir movies on a rainy evening….until this weekend I would have included the peplum in this sacred group. Until I spent 5 hours in the Sewist Bordello wrestling a zipper and creating  UFU…..yes, UF..the U is for Ugh. Much Ugh. I had my little Butterick monster up on Ms Holloway and trying to decide if contrasting sleeves were the right idea.

The picture is from my phone and the bodice is not yet attached. So I was visualising myself at a meeting as Lady Beckham…

and here comes the husband…..’Oh, I like it. It looks like a formal uniform for a space hottie.’




When one is picturing themselves as Peplum Pulchritude Incarnate, they don’t need THIS to be their guiding visual:  Really! It totally put me off my hamster dinner. then the zipper decided to take on a life of its own and just flat-out refuse to lay down and behave. I had ripply buttedness and ridges like a baby stegosaurus?! By the 3rd zipperectomy and zipperplasty, I had a fine map of previous zipper scars all down the back and a headache behind my left eye. I finally decided that enough was enough. My visions of this dress turning me into the darling of the steno pool were totally dashed. Luckily the fabric was one of those free pieces from Fabricmart and no deeply loved textiles suffered at the hands of Peplum Apocalypse 2012! 

So my question is- when is it time to let something go?  This dress did not end up in the closet with a revisit plan- it ended up going out with the cat litter and old pizza crust. It hurt to waste the fabric, it did. I felt totally guilty about it  and sure that all the well-planning, planet loving sewists out there were struck down with horrible pains when that frock hit the hefty bag. I try to be good, I do. I try to utilize the fabric and resources I’ve been given and appreciate the spoiledness that I revel in, I truly do. Sometimes tho, I’m just sewing for the love of the activity and things can get ugly and I just have to let the project go. If I don’t, I just know finishing the piece and keeping it will not serve any purpose-I’ll probably never wear it and even resent it a little bit… tell me- have you ever just tossed something out?  Give me your most encouraging tale of bad pattern horror…make me fel better.

photo credits: google images, pattern review

Jots, Tittles and project avoidance.

Disney approaches in 50+ days. I have costumes to make and final ensemble planning to do.We’re going to the Halloween party as  Dr Sherman and his niece Darla, the fish killer. Finding braces will be the hardest part, but I really am just not ready to work on my Darla outfit. So I avoid, avoid, AVOID!

I’ve made a set of pattern weights:I’ve printed and fondled all my new Victory Patterns (love, love) and I’ve made a garment bag!My luggage is a subtle Betsey Johnson leopard print that I love- you CANNOT lose it at the airport- seriously- it cannot be missed on the belt! Alas, Betsey didn’t plan a matching garment bag and I have a lot of hangy stuff to take with me. Mr b claims the luggage is full of books and everything else is on hangers. Well, yeah, of course, whats your point?

So I combed the net and found a lot of good advise and then I pulled out a lovely blue floral upholstery that the Deanna had left behind. Basically, I put a dress up on a hanger and measured how much ease I’d need around it and put a zipper down the middle of one side. This I good for now, but if I’d had more planning in it piping and inside pockets would have been done. It also is only 2 inches deep, so that will be outgrown quickly! I did get a little loop on the bottom so it will fold over and be compact in the cargo area. So I sort of had a plan!

But I’m not done avoiding Darla yet! I also made a little Lisette blouse- while watching ‘Boss’ this week. While I was sewing I wasn’t paying much attention, it all just flowed so easily that’s when I realized how many times I had made this blouse:and:This is of course the largest version so far!  yes, those are dachshunds, God’s most blessed pups.

Oh, and before I forget- Blog moment! My stats reveal that I have had 50,000 views!  So thank you to all the poor individuals that stumbled across me during Google searches for :

Heidi Klum in a diaper

Eric Von Zipper

Marilyn Manson without  makeup and of course  just random searches for ‘weiner’…….I’m glad that you stayed to play!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, little me

Project Avoidance, the Dante edition

I’ve taken on a project. I am a fool. I am the Ado Annie of sewing.  Just a girl that can’t say no. Just when I oughta, I cain’t. I agreed to make 3 large (they grow larger every time I think about them) bench cushions for a friends mother-in-law.  I know this isn’t what happened but I swear this is how I remember it:

‘Psst- I’m just going to need some cushions or I’ll condemn your soul to hell.’  Ok, it may sound melodramatic, I swear, that’s just how I remember it.

Sewing for other people is crap. I am just not nice enough to make pretty things for other people, but I’m trapped now. In tropical print upholstery hell of my own making.

‘Thou shalt cut strips of no more than 3 inches on the bias and run cording thru them until the sins of your family are penanced for the last 3 generations. Go forth and upholster until they brow bleeds and you cannot bear to look upon Waverly without weeping.’  I’m actually pleased with how the zipper is looking on this one.

What I forgot about when I agreed was how much I loathe the cutting out part of a project. Especially the cutting out of mile long strips and such for projects like this.  So I’m rationing it out to 2 hours of working on it at a time.  That way it hardly seems like torture at all……

On a positive note (yes, I have those!) Me Made May 2012 is rocking along and I’ve been very good! I even joined the flickr group!

photo credits: little me, google images

Why isn’t it all about me???

So I went on vacation, came back really snotty and sounding like Debra Winger- ‘get in the truck, buuud….’ and basically have not been really able to operate heavy machinery while swilling nyquil and trying to focus. So I was really forward to a nice weekend in the Sewers Bordello.

I’ve cut out Mccalls 6395 in a (wait for it……..) cheetah print ultra suede. Shocking! I know the pattern calls for knit, but I think it’s roomy enough for this and it has a back zip- I think I’ll be ok, or we will just never speak of this again!

I’ve chosen the long sleeve version and I’m looking forward to trying the decorative zippers- time for a new skill, right?

But alas. The best laid plans of Mice and Anne. A co-worker has asked me to make her some doll clothing  for her grands and I am a sucker for a project that I am totally unprepared for! Want me to climb Everest with 20 minutes to prep? Sure. Need me to split that atom for you? Hey, I have no idea how, but I can wiki it, right? Sure, fine. I’m your gal. I’ll fit it in before my’ Foolish people who say yes alot’ support group meeting- which I’m in charge of refreshments for, by the way?! Since I’m also working sunday (yes, I volunteered) this just adding insult to injury. So yesterday I spent a good deal of time researching the measurements for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins and shuffling thru the fat quarter stash that is hiding under the love seat. This made the dachshunds happy- they got to upend some boxes and run amuck. So good times for all! 

This makes me sad-  I haven’t sewn anything for little me since I made a brown corduroy Lisette jacket 3 weeks ago. I didn’t even put up a review, because it was so boring I almost fell asleep hemming it, but work demands we dress like we deliver packages. I need some creative stimulation and my selfish brain really prefers it be for me and not bitty baby! I’m developing a real grudge against Bitty Baby. Once more an inanimate object is my nemesis, so typical for me.

  If any of you know how big Bitty’s head is- let me know. I think all baby doll outfits need hats and I can’t find any measurements for their little noggins….

A UFO sighting in the Sewer’s Bordello….

Usually I’m very good. I don’t collect UFO’s or report them….much. But if I attach the skirt to Mccalls 6396 one more time, I know I will cry. I’ve repositioned those folds and tucks so many times I’m about 1 turn away from an origami crane in tweed.

Well, I just need to step away from my origami project for now- I will try again later- still not giving up on this pattern, I still think a tweedy cheerleader is a good idea in theory! Especially for those winter games in the North East.  

I will leave the project in the time-out closet until I can face it again and it promises to behave itself.

A parting thought on UFO’s…..

Silky Knit – 1, Sewer- 0

Remember Stretch Armstrong?  Definitely one of the 2nd to 3rd string cartoon characters regardless of his low-cut onesie, sideburns and Studio 54esque eyewear.  I didn’t like him much then and I feel pretty much that way now. For my lack of respect for his powers  is haunting me in textile form.  Sunday I started a little dress- a simple, maxi in a brown and turquoise paisley print- one of the Deanna surprise haul fabrics- I visualized myself in a flowing, flattering frock with large bangle bracelets, a look of serenity and a fancy drink. Sometimes in my fantasies I am a Stepford Wives-era Paula Prentiss. Wry, stylish and unaware of her loveliness. This dress would have brought Jim Hutton back from the dead, I am so sure.

   Now I visualize creating a fancy paisley noose for myself and the sewing machine. That silky stretch material has almost beaten me. I bow my head to its tyranny.

Lets recap the day.

Ah, 2219- you look so easy- the kind of easy that is deceptively impressive to the viewer. Love that.

So I set up the new bobbin, ballpoint needle, silk pins and off I go. Hmm. What is that grinding noise? Why do I keep making the same gentle leading motions as usual as the fabric not only stays put, but attempts to tunnel under the presser foot? At this point in the movie version a montage of jangly music would be playing- possibly to cover the latin terms I was flinging while I sent 3 hours wrestling with this dress, then recutting new pieces to replace chewed victims and the screw driver became more useful than the seam ripper. 

Finally the husband emerged from down the hall and stood at the entrance to the Sewers Bordello inquiring about the need for tourniquets and priests.

Well, a culprit was eventually found. Children, listen to this embarrassing cautionary tale and learn. A giant pressed felt dust bunny was living under the throat plate of my machine and the bun-bun did not like silky stretch very much. I routinely clean out the bobbin carriage area and go thru a gazillion q-tips drenched in oil, but rarely do I remove the throat plate. Amazingly, once I exorcised the fuzzy demon, all was smooth sailing.

Maybe Stretch and I will form a super hero alliance after all.

The facade is up!

Simplicity 2180 rolls along-  even if Liesl is less than impressed. I have the waistband attached- I must not think about the bra that is needed to wear this dress without looking like one of those women my Mother is upset by- I’ll cross that cantilevered bridge when I come to it.  The front of the skirt is attached- but just the front. I imagine that the Vera Bradley wing of the Mayo Clinic has a lot of patients wearing similiar togs as they roam the halls. Yup, no backsies. But soon, soon. The elephant in the room can no longer be avoided. No, silly- Liesl is a dachshund- they are shorter. I mean it is time to start little me’s very first invisible zipper. Oh, the fraught nerves! The tension. I consulted the world wide web this morning and found lots of advise- also lots of things to help me avoid the zipper conundrum.  Such as this: Did you know Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wore her Will and Kate wedding ensemble to the first day of Ascot? I admire your thrift and it was pretty, but Cammie- too soon!


 Ok, back to the scary zipper! I have resigned myself for my date with Coats and Clark destiny- tomorrow, as soon as I get home from  work- I will brace myself for the showdown in the sewingroom. For God, Country and a better looking finished project!

Judgement Days

She’s judging me. I feel it in her cold, naked stare. I try not to make eye contact- should be easy, she has no head, right? But you don’t know me so well yet.I could attract guilt in an empty room. It’s just my nature.
Every morning this month I have passed the sewingroom and seen her there- invisible hands on hips, scowl. She is a needy idol and must be provided with offerings. Where are the muslin drapings and bias cuts I should be kneeling before her and adjusting? The fancy trims, pearls and other trendy geegaws she craves?
I’d better get in there and start making amends. So last night I started a new project: Simplicity 2180 in a fun green floral challis- whimsical but dainty- just like me (cough,cough) …………we shall see if either of us is pleased.