Wearable Wednesday Marysia

This feels like something I’d foolishly try to jazz up a boring idea-

Ugh- aren’t these sold by the panel?

Sheer fabric and visible pockets- the 5th level of design hell. I honestly didn’t even see the shark until it grabbed onto her foolish crotch ties and hauled her down. Oh, Wanda- why did you buy that ugly swimsuit?

This is that sad beanbag clown doll body you see in antique shops- the one that has a poltergeist inside.

I like the fabric- why must we be so cruel to it?

Say it. Say Pocohantas ONE MORE TIME!

Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Rachel Comey

This color- it’s like a 1930’s Mummy. Elsa Lanchester has this.

This is so Damned Yankees/Funny Faces- is she waving to her eyebrows as they escape?This is the before picture on a Charity shop dress makeover-Will we ever get designers to leave the car wash?just keep walking- you can make it to

The bathroom before the socks come completely done. Hogan’s Heroes homage. This keyhole- it’s unsettling. Like a fistula. no. Al Bundys signature pose is not a model pose!?Photo credits- vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Dice Kayek

There was a little girl, who had a little fringe- right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very very good, but when she wore this she was justifiably annoyed.Looks like Enid’s had one too many pussy bow jokes hurled at her today.

From the David Byrnes Crise wear collection circa 1987.Enid strolled into the bar channeling sexy jellyfish on the prowl. damn it, I like this skirt. Enid feels deflated after a hard day. Really?

Oh yes, really. Clever Enid showed up at the company bbq in an outfit guaranteeing she wouldn’t be asked to play in the paintball tournament. Oddly paranoid about her office flooding- Enid had water wings added to all her work blouses. I’m giving this the cold shoulder. Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Krizia

8th grader rant ahead:

Ugh. I always hated those girls who half wore sweaters and jackets like they were so tiny and elfin- you suck Deborah Hagopian and Denise Mizerik! Get some shoulders-and invite me to your parties!

Giraffe crotch is my new secret insult.

Nope! My new favorite secret insult is Crusted Dickey!What exactly are we seeing? A shirt? A coat? A shirt coat? A coated shirt? An old A-Ha video shoot??I’m having some deep feelings toward this coat tho. So if she twists the knit tubetop just right- do the cheetahs connect and open a mystical bellybutton portal? I just know Rhianna is going to wear this duster to dinner with nothing else on at some point!?

‘Welcome to Dynergy! A synergistic encounter forum! Who’s ready to feel the power of retail???’

I want 5 yards of this Immediately.

I’ll just go and strain something.

photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Roksanda

Ah summer- time for vacations and a more casual look at work-

Time for your aunt to pressure you into giving an internship to your niece Bea- the modern dance major-time to try out more casual styles in the office-Except you, Brenda- you have jury duty. Time for your boss to build a party cabana on the blistering roof and expect you to bbq. watch those sleeves, Enid- also watch that potato salad- it’s been in the heat for too long!Gees Alice- it’s hotdog or hamburger- you are totally holding up the line!?Oh sure Lila, while I’m up….again….ugh- who brought the boom box!?Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Nili Lotan

Meh. Tut, tut. Don’t try to run away- if we have to look, so do you!

Meh 2- the return of the Boots. Were these shots just for set up? Surely the real collection is on its way, right?The Big4 won’t be rushing to put a similar blouse pattern into production. It’s already been done…Point to ponder- fringe: to tuck or not to tuck-sigh- right now I’m more interested in knowing what’s in that blue bag.Will someone please take the boots away??

I wish there was something of interest in this- like a camel- yay!Meh 3- Revenge of the Bland!is is really design when it just inspires you to dig thru your closet for similar? Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Rosetta Getty

Greta subtly showed her supervisor she was WOKE by wearing her Handsmaid Tale bonnet to the staff meeting.

Allison never quite got ‘hide and seek’

‘So I had that dream again where I’m on the moors and the broccoli is telling me I have crows feet…..’ok, I kind of like this- it’s sort of post-revolution produce worker-Does anyone else remember tv fuzz? I think our regular viewing day has ended. ‘I am the ghost of decorative gravel! Do not track me onto the patio!!’ Willow was the saddest clown ever. Gees Edna- you can’t dry sheets until the fog lifts- they’ll just mildew!?I can totally see the Bingham-Carter riding a bicycle in this coat.Look, I’m all for repurposing, but a fruit roll up raincoat seems like a disaster waiting to happen. credits: Vogue. Com