Wearable Wednesday Growing Pains

In a bold industry move, Madame Lexi reworked her extra sex dungeon space into a gelato bar for  the kiddies!

Tasha was so looking forward to her first overnight camping trip and medical support with the Bewilderness scouts!

Lewis would later regret shyly asking his online date to ‘wear something strappy’

Well, when I woke up in the tree I realized my parachute was the only thing I had on!? War is hell Indeed, Enid.

This is my fault- I complained about sheer materials too much. Sorry Bethany.

Despite the glamour of exotic places, Regina just hated being the flight crew member responsible for the sewage pumps.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Dorothee Schumacher

I never fly without my Brookstone Travel pillow!

Psst! Is that a muppet emerging from her groundless area?

Ugh. The uber driver wouldn’t let me leave Granny’s ashes in the car while I get a latte. Rude!

Ariel planned her outfit perfectly for her dream trip to Graceland- they’d never see her hiding in the jungle room!

Leslie! How dare you flaunt your naked shoulders! Jezebel! Harlot!

I can’t tell if this is sheer or not- I do feel dizzy tho….

I like when they leave the toenails on my fur pieces- so handy!

If I could just buy all the trench coats in the world- my heart would be full. 

Squish! Squash! Kill that roach! Thank you John Waters.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Esteban Cortazar

Do they still have those lingerie parties at Hefs    House? I’ve found my outfit!

Well, that’s a lot of bad ideas all strutting toward us….

No Jon Snow- we’ll have no women guard the wall! Not on my watch!

 Is it a harness? Wait- a camel toe skirt??

Well, at least it’s opaque.  I see a wolf head…

Release the hounds!Vanessa Hudgems is definitely hitting Coachella in this…

Remember when you wanted to show off your new boyfriends sweater- even if it didn’t fit? 

I may be the only one, but the Scottish Tele Tubby reboot looks good!

Every sensible woman has a classic white shirt in their style arsenal. Just move this one so you can get to it. 

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Simonetta Rivazza

Close your eyes and visualize Project Runway Season 75:

Corporate sponsors- Muppet Labs

Guest judge Phyllis Diller was surprisingly versed in bag linings…


The Petsmart Bed in a Bag challenge was inspired!

and Contestants used the Lisa Frank accessory wall very thoughtfully…..

The cast gets younger and younger- this year the top 5 designers are not even potty-trained- they made very creative use of changing pads and nonskid bath mats!

After a rude incident with another contestant, Alfa the unicorn was fired for using his own sheddings during the Ford Fiesta challenge.

Hmm- Grey Gardens on ice inspired collection?

This is the coolest army uniform ever!!!
Auntie Mames tree skirt?

Photo credits: vogue.com.

Wearable wednesday Fashion East

That look you get when you just know the cleaners didn’t follow your explicit instruction-

Sadly, the model was able to evade Poor Blake Edwards in his wheelchair as he tried to forcibly remove her clothes.

At last! The little known Asian Titanic survivors get their remembrance!

The Scotland Terror event the liberal media refused to cover:

‘Welcome to the Angel Soft Toilet Tissue factory tour, I’m your reluctant host, Monique.’

Ok. One of you say it. I don’t want to say it. But you go ahead, please. It’s killing me. 

‘Psst! Ladis! It’s upside down! Grab her before she hits the runway- the wig too- get her!’

Everlines todo list for today was job interview then have the cat declawed. Hmmm…

At last! A project for the old AOL cds your aunt keeps refusing to throw out! 

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Beaufille

This is more of a pushdown bra…..

I thought she was carrying a big ugly purse- no, it’s a little ugly skirt.

These baseboards are filthy!? Christina!!!!!!!!

I love the idea of this skirt, but it would make me look like vertical blinds in a corner office.

Captain Kirk looked so cool in these boots- huh, maybe he was a good actor after all.

Mmmm- my elbow- it’s never smelled so full of stylish ennui…..

Seriously, how is this staying up? It’s like a goth hula hoop on this hipless model!?

This model had to be supported on a dolly- she kept collapsing under the weight of her rich wool lapels, poor thing.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Vetements

‘Good morning travelers! I know you are all Tired and frustrated over this travel ban. I’m Peggy from the public relations department here at the Denver international airport and in an effort to distract, ER, entertain you- we present the first Denver Intl Airport Unclaimed baggage/lost and found fashion show!!!’

Here are Rufus and Balthazar- looking very stylish and approachable! Papers please!

Remember if any of this looks familiar and you still have your claim ticket, just dial 67 on the white courtesy phone!

Hey! Hey! Security! He isn’t part of our show – that’s the guy who keeps hiding in the ladies room! Swarm! Swarm!

Louis wows the ladies in his sassy blend of puffer coat and button down! 

TSA agent Pamela shows us her dainty side in these lovely pumps she confiscated just yesterday! Thanks for all your hard work, Ma’am!

We blindfolded Elinor our lounge hostess and she came up with this enviable take on the Denver sunset- yay Elinor!

Kudos To Eric  from maintenance who had 15 minutes to convert this bedding bag into a stylish wrap! 

Bernadette earned 20 minutes in the VIP lounge for herself and a date as employee of the month- let’s give her a round of applause!

Oh, THATS what Vetements means!

Ah, I love a wedding or a bedding sale….

Thanks for watching everyone! Don’t forget the Cinnabon shop has 10% off today! Just outside of gate 23!

Photo credits: vogue.com