Wearable Wednesday Rejino Ryo

I’m getting whiplash here- I lurve this dress!?

But…….’Christina!? Wire Hangers!?’

The knights donned their sod helmets and prepared for the petunia joust-

Please stop trying to bring this blouse back- it gives me clown sickness. 

Richard Branson! You never know where he’ll turn up!

Ring the gong! It’s the 4 millionth rework of the classic denim jacket! Look under your seats for a special prize!

Have you been arrested for drunk driving in your clown car? Have you been accused of making dirty balloon animals? Call 1-800-haha and hire The Clown Defender!

Sigh.When mom buys pants you ‘can grow in to’

I like this one:

Not as much as the cat likes this one:

Photo credits- vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Karen Walker

At last! The origin story you’ve been waiting for! The Giddy Adventures of Young Miss Marple!

Played by the dashing and tender Eddie Redmayne!

See Jane in her best adventures yet! The Case of the Baggy Gym Bloomers!

High waters or Homicide!

Death and the Debutantes Darts!

Diabolical Denim! 

They Ruffle by Night!

Counterpane Conspirator!

Requiem for a Tattoo’d Monkey!

Escape the Local Vicarage!

Boiled Lambs of Bobbingate!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson

The last description I ever want to hear about my upper torso is ‘flappy, droopy and empty’….

There’s probably a hilarious story about the models feeding persimmon jam to some emus and then a stampede occurred and oh, well, you can imagine….

‘Finkle, party of 4? Welcome to O’Chans. The fitst Scottish Mandarin tapas buffet. Follow me to your table….’

Prince Valiant got really experimental during his gap year in Brussels. 

Eleanor knew how to hurt Vinnie- she stole his vintage seat covers and wore them on a date with a guy in a Kia.

A fox Jean jacket…oh no. 

Is her shirt caught on her- oh I just have no excuse for it at all. 

What is with these breastal coin nurses??? 

Scar face bedroom curtain homage-

Just tuck it in enough so she doesn’t trip- it’s fine, looks fine. 

Yeah, you should look sheepish Boyo!?

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Vetements

Ugh- if I have to look- so do you!

She’s begging for a bicycle to knock her out of this outfit!

Are her feet that big or is a clown hiding behind her?

I think of this pose as ‘pouting with cramps’

Does she have a spare outfit in the bag under her  arm? We’ll wait while she changes….

You have to perfect a sexy bowlegged walk to keep the boot squeaking to a minimum. Life lessons. I give them.

First glance I really thought her leg was swung over the dumpster and I kind of understood why. 

This feels random. 

I highly recommend that you go see the rest of this collection. Not for fashion inspiration, but for amusing street style what the f’ery. Exhibit A:

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Chalayan

I was going to say that this collection has no hanger appeal, but the hanger loved this one so much it refused to leave-

This is classic comedy move #453- the frisky gerbil in the pant leg at a fancy event! It’s gold!

Dita Von Teese and all the burlesque angels couldn’t make this combo happen-

When you are still nursing, but also planning a hostile takeover of Acme Carborundum at noon!

I need to know what the front is doing- but maybe I don’t. 

First glance, I thought she still had the makeup bib on-

This is my ‘get your soccer ball and your juice boxes off my GD lawn you little bastards!’ Outfit:

I don’t think Helenes arm is really sprained- she just didn’t want to wear the black dress.

Jokes on you Helene!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday LemLem

Sigh….I couldn’t keep the guys away when I wore this on holiday at Sandals… it’s not getting as much love at Ladies night at Applebee’s.

Is it called resort wear because wearing it is a last resort on laundry day?

Can we stop trying to make these pants a thing? They make most of us look like General Froggie in his dress whites. 

Project Runway placemat challenge!

Siri- remind me to buy pillow cases for the guest room.

Valances are in aisle 4, just past the salad spinners-

Too much ambien and Estelle woke up naked in Senor Vallejos Casa de Pampas…..again.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday House of Holland


Seeing a lot of musical influences here- the Partridge family bus-

Elton Johns Bar Mitzvah outfit-

I swear I saw Chastity Bono wear this on her parents show!

I’m sorry- Miley in her lowest rave moment rejected this-

Isnt a corduroy sundress kind of counter productive?

Look- the old green room couch from CBGBs!

The masseuse backstage at Coachella looks a bit put out. 

Photo credits: vogue.com