Wearable Wednesday Anrealage

Dorm mother Helen had no trouble with her co-Ed’s sneaking out at night after she lined their bathrobes with bubble wrap!

I think I kind of hate anyone who can add a layer of bubble wrap to their midsection and still tuck their blouse in!?thanks for the sweater Grandma- um. I love it. I love an unexpected Lindbergh Baby sighting! well, at least they used the anti-mildew shower liners for all of this. Are all of the zippers functional or is this like a puzzle? I do feel puzzled.

And now we scanthe models for DNA. Like you do. Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Isa Afren

Let’s get it out of the way- I think the designers name sounds like the Artful Dodger announcing somesones parents are dead. Ok, we can Move on now. Thank you.

‘Warm seaweed sheets lightly before placing on the sushi mat’

Kelly Buddy- phone call for Kelly Buddy-

What? Come on guys, do I have spinach on my teeth?Evelyn was so flu’y miserable, but the kids needed to be at the bus drop off by 6:50…

Suddenly I’m remembering how much my 6th grade heart hated Heather Hagopian who had the best collection of these blouses. Oh, I wished her ill. when young models in the wild are learning to walk, they often wear protective padded knee pants.

Friday night was date night at the tuna cannery-I want that to be a Wookie backpack-

This is my signature hem-Line this trench and send it to me now!I love you to the calves and back!Photo credits: Vogue.com

Just when our planet needs her most-

MY PEOPLE!!!! I, your galactic Swintonian Overlord have returned to comfort you in times of sartorial need!

Look upon my celestial brilliance and Bask in my omnipotent Chanel pre-fall 2018 glory!

Never fear! I bring you culottes and trays of small canap├ęs. Rest in my well-tailored embrace and be healed!

Photo credits: Fashionsizzle.cm

Wearable Wednesday Lou Dallas


No- I said I like HIPPOs!

Glue fumes cause rare Psychotic toddler attack at local daycare- story at 11.

With only a few minutes until Jeff picked her up from her job at the coffin factory, Enid whipped up a dandy date night frock-

Andrea was given her final verbal notice- stop editing your Midevil Times uniform or you’re out!

I likes it better on Jimi Hendrix.

I liked it better on Dr Teeth. I concur. Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Audra

Formal Suffragette Clown. Yup- all boxes ticked.

Aww- she’s wearing the first drawstring formal bag I made.

There is so much going on with this blouse I assumed it would get an intermission.

So textural- perfect for a retired model petting zoo.

This gives me the ‘drears.

Car wash hem. Nope.

Ok, this looks like Queen Maxima would wear it. 2 points for Gryffindor.

Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Nehera

At last the universal need for a quilted pull over blazer has been met. We may adjourn.

Wanda was the manager of Papi Fundido now- but she was always ready to show off her multiple fajita serving skills.

Yvette- it can’t be that bad- come on out!

I stand humbly corrected. My bad Y.

Psst- Tony- that’s NOT your bag-

It’s Peggy’s vest.

There’s a lot going on back here- like an accountants office with an after hours lounge in the back room. Yeah- that doesn’t make sense either.

If Fiona weighed more- she’d sink into the shag and never be seen again!

huh- so if you have advanced thigh gap you can wear leather pants soundlessly. Well, now I understand the desire for it.

Dude!? I’m your intern Antigone. Mind if I vape?

Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Sacai

It looks like it’s Housewares Challenge week!

Onions have less layers and bring on less tears….

Are those dearfoam slippers?

If you’ve ever defended socks with sandals- I need you to see this-

Community service is a cruel thing. avoid luggage fees- wear Everything you plan to bring!

Lumberjack formal is an oft neglected niche.

Fiona’s cat has major separation anxiety.

Immediately after the catwalk, Erica had to be immersed in benedryl to combat her wool allergy.

Well placed lace gives this a very delicate ethereal look.

Hookers of the Great North- now streaming on Hulu!

Rhonda could not believe the nerve of Maria-

oooh- sexy zippers!

Photo credits: Vogue.com