Wearable Wednesday Alessandra Rich

Good evening and welcome to another installment of ‘Spending Grannies Money’ the reality show starring people who know that they are better than you.

‘Damn it Honoria, I know you let your $1400 cat into my climate-controlled lace closet again!’


“whatever Enid- I was too busy having my stylist find this one of a kind belt- oh, Balzac!’


‘What belt, Honoria? Do you mean this old thing I found under the gardener?’


‘Diego!!! …..Enid you trollope! Well, at least you only copied the styling- I spent weeks having Carmen hand-bead this dress with stones crushed up from a gothic cathedral’


‘Hmm…I thought that rag looked a little dowdy- so I have Carmen rip off the cheesy sleeves.You don’t need them when you spend $1800 an hour having your own Swedish trainer gently excersize the tone into them while you sleep’


‘Now if you’ll excuse me Honoria, I’m off to systematically boff my way to Prince Harry.’


‘Not so fast, Enid, Honoria- I need to discuss my will! Also the possibility of my leaving it all to my pool boy, Javier- who likes me braless. ‘


Tune in again for another stirring episode where Enid buys a small island, Honoria kills a condor to have a one of a kind clutch bag made and Granny slips into something comfortable ……



photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Alessandra Rich

The one Axl Rose left at the altar:


But she’s not bitter.


Patty just loved to subtly remind people that she had dated an LA Ram.


Sigh. Even her urchin-epalettes can’t make this fun.


The only outfit ever rejected for Jungle January:

Excuse me, Ma’am – I think your thing is hanging out- oh, never mind…..


Ok, I’ve lost count- how many ill-advised things is she wearing right now?


I’m about over the edge here. I can’t even think anymore. These last two are up to you- I have a pageant fabric induced migraine. ale10

If I squint, it looks like her torso has a giant mouth throwing up lace curtains! Try it!



Photo credits: style.com, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.