Wearable Wednesday Alexander Lewis

Ok, I have no idea what the gold thing is. I assume the model is stored in it. What do you think?


I like these shapes- love the fabrics, but they seem like they may be too stiff for practicality-


What does this skirt do when you sit down- which normal people not stored in tubes do-


Good shoes tho-


Even tho Veronica was CEO of Hoof and Halter, she still liked to strap on an apron and work the forge like one of the guys-


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the thing on her head appears to be a matching scrunchie. Please people, donate your extra fabric to charity, don’t get crazy!


The models expression is less Blue Steel and more ‘you talkin’ ta me?!’


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.