Wearable Wednesday Alexander Wang

As in- What the Wang-doodle is that? w4

Huh.I was wrong- you can get Lai’d in this collection.w5

Worst Olympic Opening team uniform ever.


Rob you? No I swear, I’m just here for gas and a Slurpie! w7

Well, I did say wear a suit……w8

Is she walking into the wind? Is that why everyone else is so bundled up? w9

I can hear Cher belting out, ‘Gypsies, Trans Am Thieves!’


You can make it Erin- just hold it on a few more minutes!


photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Alexander Wang

Oh, a cheetah baseball jacket- what to wear with it? Of course, My pole dancer sweater. Duh.


really? I would have assumed you were in child care.


Ok, that jacket is fierce. I’ll give you that.


Bridgette just knew that adding a falconry bit would give her the edge over the other strippers.


Don’t you give me that look, little Missy! Now you button your fathers coat up and get in this minivan this instant!


I don’t understand. It looked so good on RuPaul.



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