Wearable Wednesday Alyx

Good morning- may I present Hester the Farrier Dominatrix!

…and her assistant Peggy.Looking forward to the new Tron athlesure collection at Footlocker-

It’s going to take a lot to bring back macrame and denim combos.

Sadly, I can see this camouflage. Sometimes the perm solution smell makes me nauseous too. That amount of hair gel under hot lights may be more flammable than the whole outfit.

Be concerned when your accountant keeps their passport so handy.

Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Alyx

D’you know I was 4 pics in before I realized this was menswear. I feel like when my husband and I can’t decide if our wait person is a waiter or waiterette- so we just keep ‘psst’ing as they pass.

It’s sexy and approachable!

Why yes I’ve brought my resume! It’s right here in my lunch box. Would you like a juice box or some goldfish?

Menswear- it’s classified as menswear. I need to see Jared Leto in this. if we can get him out of this, that is. pavel has serious thoughts. How is it a fanny pack if I don’t possess a fanny?Mama likes her boy to look sharp for school pictures! No. it’s just no. Not even on Jared Leto. Photo credits: Vogue.com