Wearable Wednesday Anrealage

Dorm mother Helen had no trouble with her co-Ed’s sneaking out at night after she lined their bathrobes with bubble wrap!

I think I kind of hate anyone who can add a layer of bubble wrap to their midsection and still tuck their blouse in!?thanks for the sweater Grandma- um. I love it. I love an unexpected Lindbergh Baby sighting! well, at least they used the anti-mildew shower liners for all of this. Are all of the zippers functional or is this like a puzzle? I do feel puzzled.

And now we scanthe models for DNA. Like you do. Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Anrealage

Last month in Tokyo. tok

I think it’s a hat. tok2

Ok, this styling is just annoying and distracting. I’m going to ask everyone to put a tiny post-it note over the models faces so we can continue. Ok. Better? Now I see the shapes and I like them. tok3

Interesting color combinations. It’s ombre time…tok5

Ok, this time just put the post-it note wherever you think it needs it most. I think I’ll use 2. tok7

This one makes me think of a Cotton Candy Biker gang. They don’t have a lot of street cred. tok8

Do not adjust your sets…..tok9

I think they should have handed out aspirin at the show. This lighting probably gave everyone a migraine. I sort of hope thats a trap door they are standing on.


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