Wearable Wednesday Aquilano.Rimondi

The playboy bunny executive fast track was not how Jill pictured it.


Mmm- now we have gone 1 textile too far for me. But I’ll take the matching wing chairs, please.


One minute I like it, the next minute I hate it. It’s like my haircut from 8th grade.


Betty- where are my beanie babies?!


That collar- does it serve an orthopaedic function? I’m all about this fabric and the swing tunic- but the collar is baffling me and strangling her.


Well, it would make an excellent scratching post.


How can you look so soulless in  such a fabulous coat?


Yes, please. Even if her ruffly knee garters are goofy.


Well, who can complain about an outfit with pockets!


She looks like a pool table and Phyllis Diller mated…in a rock tumbler.


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Wearable Wednesday- Aquilano.Rimondi

As you know, I am totally ready for Fall and this design duo are really appealing to me- major texture, a little retro, fab shoes:

Marcia Brady gets very high-tone:

This would make my neck look sooo skinny. I mean swanlike, of course.

Fuzzy Wuzzy, fuzzy wuzzy.

This is some bad-ass secretarial armour wear.

What’s the general consensus?


Photo Credits: Style.com