Wearable Wednesday Balenciaga

Sit down villagers- this is a lot.

You can fit 3 Snapes in this one-

Be the one that sucks the light from every gathering-

He had a timeless grace- like a young Jackie Bouvier….Damn it- passed over for Dark Arts again!?This fall- the RBG musical you’ve waited for- Dissent so Sexy!

I’m pretty sure my Mother bought me this for my wedding night

Lewis was no hugger.

Right Eric? Secretarial Malificent-

Which Gallagher is this?

Palate cleanser- from the 1951 collection:Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Balenciaga

Shelf paper. I can never get it flat and smooth. 

It’s 1982- scientists on a secret volcano layer work frantically to clone Harry Hamlin and Linda Evans. It went tragically wrong.

The invite said BYOBBC*

Germaphobes will really like this one-

She keeps extra shoulder pads in there:

 When I was 9, I just knew I’d be a Solid Gold dancer when I grew up….in this outfit!

This is doing really unfortunate things to the blouse bunnies-

Lily Pulitzer homeless collection, available now!

Photo credits: vogue.com

*Bring your own bean bag chair