Wearable Wednesday….Betsey Johnson

You know I love me some Betsey- do you? This collection is bright, but not totally dazzling me- it followed a fun retrospective of her career that I liked a bit more than what we’re seeing here. Children of the couture, this is really paining me. I feel so disloyal. Ok, lets get it over with. Sigh. bj1Ok, go ahead, say it….this all has more attitude than innovation- I like the coat tho- very chenille bedspread. bj4hmm- Betsey, I always want to be in your corner, and I’d love to lunch with you, but….is that quilted? bj2

Um….huh. Shoes look comfortable.


This looks cheap. There. I said it. I feel cleansed.

bj5Too many pop pieces, perhaps. Please take those bootys off, please….bj6There is a fine line between whimsy and whoopsy.bj7Please explain in the comments. bet2

No. I’ve changed my mind. Don’t tell me. bet3

My internal fuddy-duddy is having a stroke. I see underboob. bet6

Will Rogers, I think I can introduce you to an animal that you will not like. bet4

Ok, I was trying to be nice- but now you are just TRYING to drive me away with this Steven Tyler rummage sale inspiration. bj10Now this is just hurtful. bj9Ok, I need to you to title this last picture……GO! bet7

photo credits: style.com

Ahoy! Wearable Wednesday Betsey Johnson Edition

Sew Weekly is Nautically themed this week and usually the closest I get to that genre is eating cracker jack, so I decided to show some salty sea togs  from the Divine Betsey Spring 2011 RTW.

Are they ready to pipe aboard?

Those are two seriously pursed Pursers!

 Is that Evil Knievel humping her feet? I like it except for that possibility.

Cuteness  Ahoy!

Ok, I think I like nautical more than I originally thought. Thanks Betsey!

I declare you all press-ganged into giving opinions!

Photo Credits: Style.com